38 thoughts on “AFP Identifies Palestinian Abuse Victim in YouTube Video, Twitter Does the Rest – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I’m waiting to see how many flights into Tel Aviv airport will be carrying the “she had it coming, she’s a terrorist” crowd.

  2. Yaniv Tayar actually says “bro you’re a celeb”

    The “I liked that show” comment refers to the posted video, taken in an international bartender competition in Berlin.

    The “party” comments refers to an actual party. Therefore “I’m dead tired”. And it’s more like “What a partyyyy”.

    And here’s a link to the alleged Facebook account http://www.facebook.com/avi.yakobov

    Did you mean to say “Facebook” instead of “Twitter”?

    1. Thanks for those corrections. I saw the Hebrew word “s-l-b” & thought it must be a transliteration of “slob” when it was really “celeb!!”

      As for the others you noted, I saw my mistake after I published, that some of the comments were about the bartender competition & I’ve reworked that portion of the post w. some of Dena’s translations of other comments from his Wall.

  3. Always glad to help. Maybe someday his officers will be tried in Nuremberg! Or at the Hague! Or wherever we’re going after war criminals and other people who don’t get it (yet) about all humans being equal.

  4. this website is the crudest, most ignorant trash I have ever read. You should apply to Guinness for the record.

  5. “While in the English language N.Y. Times, the IDF was quoted saying it thoroughly disapproved of such behavior and would attempt to root it out. Why the difference in approach? ”

    You think it’s the IDF being two-faced, which is probably true, but I suspect it’s also the NYT acting as a willing stenographer.

  6. Wow, once again, great investigative reporting. Excellent work!

    Regarding the contents of the video: Isn’t the humiliation of this female prisoner a violation of the Third Geneva Convention which prohibits the humiliating or degrading treatment of a prisoner?

    Actually since when has Israel taken International Law into consideration on any level?

  7. Thanks for this. Small correction. You write: “And in the other Facebook image, entitled Avi & Shuki’s Deployment, subtitled “Thanks for a wonderful time,”…

    Prissa doesn;t actually mean deployment in this context. A prissa is an IDFname for a short gathering with food. It looks like a going away gathering, in this case.

    1. I was debating with myself & Dena about this. I noted that it can mean “spread” & I thought it might mean that in terms of a spread of food as in a party. One of his friends says he regrets that he missed the prissa, which got me to thinking it might mean that. Thanks for the correction.

  8. 3/4 of a million views on youtube.
    im an american millenial, and we are sick of getting punked by Israel with this bullshit, and getting punked at the peace table. I have a cousin and two friends in afghanistan right now and their jobs just got more dangerous.
    Israel is pretty cocky now……but when the demographic timer goes off we are going to kick J-Street to the kerb.
    Blacks, Browns and Millenials dont care about Israel.
    Only the greys care…..and they are dying off.

    1. Separately from the Israeli occupation of Palestine: you guys should maybe also just get the f… out of Afghanistan too. It sounds like you’re more worried about your friends and family who after all went there volontarily to do “their jobs” than you are about the Afghani population who surely doesn’t want your presence, with ot without the Israeli belly dancer.

      1. I agree. People who join the US military should take it as a given that they’re going to be sent to some poor beleaguered Muslim country as cannon fodder. If this isn’t your idea of a military career, don’t join.

        And put the shoe on the other foot – how would you like to be someone living in Iraq or Afghanistan, who has no choice but to live in a US-made war zone?

        If you don’t believe in the war machine, don’t be part of it.

      2. we are trying to GTFO.
        you do understand that the mini-surge in Afghanistan is the exact mirror of the surge in Iraq– a way to withdraw without admitting that Terrorism (aka Islam) Kicked America’s Fat White Judeoxian Ass.

      1. nah.
        my point is the holocaust guilt account is overdrawn with younger people. we dont remember. we see Israel abuse palestinians and stupid IDF bullshit like Yakobov daily.
        we see America get punked by Israel at peace negotiations.
        Israel needs to evolve or go extinct.
        When America cuts Israel off it will be better for Israel– continued building of suicide settlements and ghetto-izing the Palestinians can only have one outcome.
        Did you look at the youtube thread on Yakobov?
        In one hour it went from lol to fuck Israel.
        Most of the comments are very negative at over 3/4 of a million views.
        few people that watch youtube remember the holocaust.
        its human nature.
        people that don’t hate jews are learning to hate Israelis.

        1. The holocaust has nothing to do with Palestine. The two shouldn’t be mentioned in relation to each other. Of course, the holocaust does not justify the Israeli abuse of the Palestinians, nor does it justify the theft of Palestinian land. Bear in mind that Theodore Herzl had his zionist vision many years before the holocaust happened.

          The US will not “cut off” Israel in the foreseeable future, so how do we protect the Palestinians from the ethnic cleansing and land theft being committed daily?

          1. yes we will.
            when the demographic timer goes off.
            Like I explained to richard, millenials, black americans, and brown americans don’t care at all about Israel. Only the “greys” older white christians, that are declining demographically.
            In 2008 non-hispanic cauc became a minority in american children under five.
            you are being sillie– Israel owes its very existance to western holocaust guilt.
            Millenials and minorities-soon-to-be-majorities in America dont care.

          2. the best way for the Israelis to stop ghetto-izing palestinians and building suicide settlements and come back to the peace talks, is for them to understand my generation will not support them when the demographic timer goes off.
            Our soldiers (who are millenials) bleeding and dying in Iraq and Afghanistan are harmed by Israels actions.
            And we are broke.
            We aren’t going to pay for Israel or bleed for Israel when we become the majority.

      2. i dont mean to treat anyone like dirt. im just speaking truth, like about the Horah. Young people in America, black americans, brown american dont care at all about Israel and the holocaust.
        the past is dust.

  9. see how he holds up his arms snapping his fingers, and stepping across? he just shamed a magnificent cultural tradition…it is the jewish dance of celebration, like for weddings.

  10. I find it fascinating to discover that there is a generation of Israeli soldier who seeks his soulmates in a German Bierkellar.

  11. When Israelis go to India after serving in the IDF, they take their imperial attitudes with them and play the Sahib to the natives. In Goa and other Israeli hotspots it is common to see signs that say NO ISRAELIS. I gather this is now seen in Thailand as well. many European travellers avoid anywhere with too many Israelis. Ambassadors indeed.

    1. “When Israelis go to India after serving in the IDF, they take their imperial attitudes with them and play the Sahib to the natives. In Goa and other Israeli hotspots it is common to see signs that say NO ISRAELIS. I gather this is now seen in Thailand as well. many European travellers avoid anywhere with too many Israelis. Ambassadors indeed.”

      Yes, and in Germany in 1938, there were many places that had signs “No Jews” and in America in the sixties “No Coloreds”.
      But I suppose you think with your racist outlook that this was because the Jews and the Coloreds were in someway not treating the Germans or Americans with the respect they should have done.
      You say “when Israelis go…” – that means in English “all of them”, of course. You couldn’t even suggest that it might be only some of them that make a bad name for themselves by their behaviour. Actually I was once at a football match where a few Brits got a “little” drunk. I didn’t in any way assume all Brits are louts as a result.

      Frankly your racist moral superiority disgusts me.

      1. Yes, and in Germany in 1938, there were many places that had signs “No Jews” and in America in the sixties “No Coloreds”.

        I see, you’re claiming that all those drug-addled, liquor swilling Israelis should be welcomed w. open arms no matter what kind of misbehavior they engage in? And a refusal to accept such acts constitutes racism? Really, is that yr position??

        Tell me how often you’ve been abroad in tourist haunts frequented by former IDF soldiers after the end of their service? Ever seen what they’re capable of in India & such places? I have a suggestion: invite Avi to take you w. him on his next trip to Oktoberfest and there you’ll see the unruliness of which these specimens are capable. Did you even bother to read the quotations from his Facebook Wall about killing prostitutes, etc.?? Even if half of it was bombast, didn’t you find it in the least troubling??

        Frankly, I find yr moral blindness troubling though it doesn’t disgust me because it doesn’t surprise me.

        1. While I am not defending heinous behavior regarding the “belly dancer” what draws my attention is how you focused on “Did you even bother to read the quotations from his Facebook Wall about killing prostitutes, etc.”
          The only reason I even read this article was it mentions Mordechai Maxim Vinogradov. From what I can tell and correct me if I am wrong, these guys are very young and figures of speech used by younger generations may not mean the same thing as you and I would translate them.
          I am not a complete youngster but what I took that to mean when he spoke of “killing prostitutes” was not literal. I may be mistaken but I think he meant it as “tapping” it hard. You may want to try googling slang translations but I am not sure how it applies to different languages. English slang may not be the same as Israeli slang. Just my .02 and no offense intended to anyone.

      2. Read Haaretz on this topic, which precedes Mumbai attack. It would be hard to imagine that the corrosive nature of the occupation and the instilled attitudes towards Palestinians and Arabs, suddenly cease when they go to India. is this all Israelis, of course not: but enough to be noticed by the locals, some of whom would rather lose business than deal with them. As for racist moral superiority, this is projection on your part and can be seen in every utterance in defense of Israel.

    2. I don’t know for sure how it is in South Asia, but when I traveled to South America, the locals AND the foreigners loved Israelis for the most part. Pretty much every foreigner I traveled with wished to go visit Israel at some point.

      In any case, the “imperial attitudes” you speak of have nothing to do with military service. Do not try to paint a darker picture than it really is.

      And I think in general that article is nitpicking on details that could have been found on pretty much anyone’s Facebook profile. To associate his abuse during military service with anything else found on his profile is misleading and plain wrong. The man is a douche, there is no need to make a story up to make it seem as if all the puzzle pieces fit together. Even a rapist could be a good father and generally a nice person.

      1. # Shai)
        This is simply not true. I’ve grew up partly in Argentina, have travelled throughout nearly all the South American countries, studied in Mexico and Peru, and if there are somebody that people don’t like, it’s Israeli tourists. The behavoiur of Israeli youngsters after IDF-service alongside with the Israeli military cooperation during the various military dictatorships have left very little sympathy for the State of Israel.

        What people tell you and what they feel deep inside, is often different. Business is business. And it’s all over the same thing.

        A Danish friend of mine once asked me: “Why are the Israelis so rude”. She knew absolutely nothing about the Middle East or the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but after two summers of working at the tourist information in the Central Station of Copenhagen, you get to make some ‘anthropological’ studies on human behaviour. She’s got bias on Israelis ever since.

        I’m not saying this is fair. It isn’t. And signs with ‘No Israelis’ is simply not tolerable in my opinion, but if you’ve seen hotel rooms being ‘demolished’ like a Palestinian house, the partying and drinking all night long, you get a little worried about your business.

        1. I am well aware that some Israelis behave terribly with total disregard to the local population, customs, and culture; but I wouldn’t say this applies to most of us.

          Perhaps we’ve had entirely different experiences, but many of those who’ve said they’d like to visit Israel have indeed done so. Besides, when Israelis get high and drunk in their travels, who do you think they do it with? That’s right – Americans, Europeans, Australians, et cetera.

          Not that I think it matters. There are very few people I know who have traveled to South America and/or Asia and did NOT party and got high & drunk. Some of them are assholes regardless and end up destroying hotel rooms.

    3. This may just be due to the perceived risk of a terrorist attack, especially after Mumbai, rather than any moral revulsion or racism.

      That being said, the sort of British holidaymaker who would remain unoffended by this kind of carry-on usually goes to Ibiza rather than Goa.

      There may be a purely legal reason why IDF veterans prefer to let their hair down in Germany rather than Spain or the UK.

  12. [comment deleted AGAIN for the same reason–try to publish this a 3rd time and you won’t get a chance to even write a comment here, let alone publish one…follow the comment rules if you wish to publish anything here]

  13. You know, this quote really stands out to me:

    …”These videos are isolated cases that do not represent the Israeli army as a whole,” she said, a line of defense undermined by the multiplication of such incidents in recent months.”

    Now, let’s change one quick thing. If one were to say instead:

    “These suicide bombers are isolated cases that do not represent Muslims as a whole, she said, a line of defense undermined by the multiplication of such incidents in recent months.”

    Well, now, that would clearly be denounced as hate, tarring the majority because of the behavior of a few bad apples, right?

    So why does that standard apply to Muslims, but not Israelis?

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