4 thoughts on “Obama’s Civics Lesson on 9/11, Burning Books, Moving Mosques, and Religious Freedom – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. The first quoted paragraph is a typical example of American narcissistic western supremacist self-referential thinking:

    Committing a deliberately provocative act such as a highly publicized burning of the Qur’an is wrong because it

    1. May interfere with the various U.S. programs of military violence in, occupation, and attempted control of Muslim countries by “inflaming the passions” of the natives who, as we all know, are too primitive, irrational, and uncivilized to be able to control themselves. “They” are very different from “us”, and their “passions” must be treated with kid gloves so that they will submit quietly to American military, political, and economic dominance, no matter how many of their countries we have to bomb to smithereens or how many of them we have to kill, maim, imprison, and torture.

    2. Makes it very difficult for the men and women of the United States military to do their jobs of using force of violence and threat of violence to impose America’s will on Muslims and Muslim countries.

    1. Hear,hear, Shirin. Even the protests against the burning of Qurans cannot be taken seriously enough when made on a moral or ethical basis; the issue of self-preservation must be thrown in for the message to sink into the minds of the morally and ethically oblivious public.

      The reasons for violent resistance coming from the Muslim world are never addressed or examined; God forbid that we should be made to question our endless imperialism and support for tyrannical regimes that make Muslims’ lives a living hell. Oh, no – the “freedom” America enjoys to be able to continue in these endeavors must be preserved at all costs.

      As a Muslim living in America, I’m tired of being treated as a potentially dangerous person by the government and the news media. The dangerous ones are the people living all around me, especially the ones who buy into the myth that the US is in Iraq, Afghanistan and supporting Israel for the sake of “peace.”

  2. Muslims who are fighting in Afghanistan in the uniform of the United States armed services [are] out there putting their lives on the line for us.

    Standard-issue government processed bull food. They, along with the other troops participating in the criminal attempts to dominate Muslims and Muslim countries, are not putting their lives on the line for “us”. They are providing absolutely no service for “us” whatsoever. The master they are serving and for whom they are killing and maiming and torturing and being killed and maimed is not “us”, but something else altogether. They are doing “us” more harm than good with their “service”.

    1. It’s the same old bullfood that was dished up in Vietnam – to somehow take imperialism and make it morally palatable, it must be twisted to resemble a fight to “preserve our values,” “protect our freedoms,” blah blah blah. The “us” being referred to are those who profit from war, not the average citizen. In fact, when have “they” ever asked “us” whether we agreed with these wars?

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