27 thoughts on “Eden Aberjil, IDF Soldier: ‘I Would Gladly Slaughter Arabs’ – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Its sad but out of the mouth of this human being (Aberjil) – all Israeli prime ministers (past & present) and a very large chunk of Israeli public – now speak.

    It looks Israel has now reached the bottom of the barrel and I seriously doubt it if there is any safe return from such depth.

    Lets hope that their intent on self-destruction doesn’t include the rest of the world as well.

  2. It’s not great for anything. It’s sick. This soldier, Eden, is sick. In one way, Richard, it is good to expose the sickness of Israeli society – don’t say this is only one bad apple – on the other hand, people like her encourage hate, like what is happening over the Cordoba cultural center in NYC. She should be ignored, if not actually put away.

    1. Unfortunately, she is anything but a singular case. Nor is this type of sickness limited to Israelis, or “proud Jewish women”, though I believe it is in large measure a result of the and indoctrination (aka “education”) that is delivered to all too many Zionist and Israeli children in both formal and informal ways from birth on.

      1. The point here is not so much about Zionism as about this kind of ugly people one encounters here all too often. I have been witness to several occurrences of “proud Jewish women” of this kind sticking into the head of a queue, say, in a supermarket, and then feeling “obligated to fight” (literally) for their hard-won place. I have kids in an elementary school, and given some of their classmates, I see that this kind of behavior begins very early on, with no Palestinians involved. Hell take those people.

        1. I refuse to believe it is a Jewish trait. I have known far too many Jews in my life who would never dream of thinking or behaving remotely like that. On the other hand, I have to admit that a significantly large percentage of Jews I have encountered who were born and/or raised in Israel do exhibit something that looks like a brutish form of self-entitlement.

          1. I agree with you Sirin. It is not a Jewish trait (if there are such things), but it is definitely an ingrained Zionist Israeli trait, due to the arrogance they acquired after the ’67 war. I have had to cope with this with all my Israeli friends, as opposed to my other Jewish acquaintances, in Europe.

            Meni Zehavi, remarks such as your “Hell take these people” are not at all helpful.

          2. I believe there may have been some misunderstanding of Meni’s choice of words. When he said “Hell take those people” he did not mean that he wishes they will all go to hell, but rather than it looks to him as if something (Hell) has taken over them, when they show these symptoms (which you have recognised as valid from your own experience). Just my thought, but I could be wrong.

            I tend to think this behaviour is acquired if one is exposed (long term) to an atmosphere charged with hate. Nothing particularly Jewish about it, any environment saturated with large enough amounts of hate will produce similar results.

          3. “Ingrained Zionist Israeli trait”
            this is what we call in Hebrew a “frecha” and i am sorry but there is no good English translation of the word.
            this specific “frecha” is extremely stupid / ignorant etc. but you guys are blowing it all out of proportion. you better listen to what the mufti of Jerusalem stated few days ago, because this man is dangerous, as he has people who follow him, who’s going to follow eden ?

            and just to bring a smile to your faces:

          4. Eden doesn’t need followers, half of Israel believes wholeheartedly in everything she does & says.

            And in case you don’t realize it Israeli Palestinians are largely secular & nationalist & not Islamist. So I don’t know what the Mufti of Jerusalem says has much bearing on the majority of such a group. BTW, why don’t you pay any attention to the equally, if not moreso, racist ranting of Israeli chief rabbis & settler rabbis??? Not a word about them. I wonder why?

          5. Richard, please support your statement with some credible information and not with you own “hasbara”.
            as i told you it extremely presumptuous on your behalf to sit in Seattle and claim you know whats going on 12,000 miles a way from you. when was the last time you visited ? i’m willing to bet it wasn’t during the last 5 years.
            as for the reality, the reality is that during the last elections, the centralist parties got the majority of the votes and that tells us that the public in Israel is leaning towards the center. the center support a 2 state solution based on 1967 borders with agreed upon land swaps, while complying with Israel’s unique security needs (which means the Palestinian would never have an airforce for example, and will not allow to ever have more then police units) it was announced by everyone from Bibi via Ehud Barak to Zipi Livni, and that despite the extremely distorted and skewed picture of the society of Israel, you and other blogger are trying to paint – especially the ones who participated in the NIF blogger convention like your friend Yossi Gurevitz and others.

            and your statement about the Palestinian society is utter BS. they are a Muslim state as recognized in chapter 4 of their constitution.

          6. the reality is that during the last elections, the centralist parties got the majority of the votes

            Not quite. That would mean that you’re counting Likud as a centrist party, which is quite astonishing. And even if you omit Likud & attempt to count Kadima as centrist, it really is center-right if that. And if it got into power it’s policies would hardly be much diff. than Likud. Yes, a shade better here or there. But on fundamental questions of war & peace Tzippi would almost mirror Bibi.

            the public in Israel is leaning towards the center.

            This is meaningless. The only important issue is are you willing to do what it takes to get a peace agreement. Whether you call yrself left right or center doesn’t matter. If you’re not willing to make those urgent compromises necessary for peace then you’re a partner to Israel’s self-destruction. I don’t care if you call yrself Rudy the Red. You’re still part of the Death March if you can’t muster the courage or will to say Yes to peace by doing what it will take to get it. The fact of the matter is that most Israelis including you I gather simply don’t have what it takes to get to peace. For that, you will pay the price as much as it grieves me to say it.

            Let’s be clear, I’m NOT talking about what you you claim to believe, whether you support a 1, 2 or 3 state solution. You can talk till you’re blue in the face about how you’re a good liberal Israeli who wants to do the right thing & support a 2 state solution. The plain fact of the matter is that you & most of your fellow Israelis aren’t ready or willing to DO what is necessary for peace. You’re not willing to demand immediate action by yr gov’t; you’re not willing to demand a settlement freeze, a return to 67 borders, a sharing of Jerusalem. YOU’re not willing to throw the bums out who can’t muster the courage to do these things. You’re just as complacent as all the rest. You’ll wait till the last second to do anything reasonable for peace. But you’ll talk a good game. But at this pt. talk is meaningless.

            What do you know about Palestinian society? Really, tell us what you know? Where does yr knowledge come from? Have you ever lived there for an extended period of time? Speak Arabic? You’ve already proven that yr knowledge of Islam is 2nd or 3rd hand fr. books which you claim are credible but of which I’ve never heard. And you wish to claim that a West Bank governed by a secular nationalist party, Fatah, is a “Muslim state.” And your evidence is a chapter in its “constitution.” Which is interesting since as a non-state how can it have a constitution? But aside fr. this–you ignore the fact that reality in the W. Bank is simply not what you claim because you don’t know the reality in the W. Bank.

          7. @Gene Schulman and Ben
            “Hell take those people” as in “Go to hell” (“Lekhi le’azazel” in Hebrew), which is what I said in a couple of cases to personalities of the abovementioned kind when they took my place in a queue. I wouldn’t go to fight them, obviously, but I had to tell them their behavior was not appreciated.
            Of course, for me it’s a mere figure of speech; I’m an agnostic.

          8. Yuval, few questions for you:

            1. When someone (criminal) declares HE is the victim WHILE he is engaged in an ongoing armed robbery – we have a little problem here don’t we?

            2. When we have a prime minister (Mr B. Netanyahu) delaying the release of documents that were kept secret for 50 years by additional 20 years – we have a problem don’t we?

            Can you see my point yet? You can’t can you.
            You need more time to think it over?
            How long do you need? 20 years?

          9. RE: “I refuse to believe it is a Jewish trait.” – Shirin
            MY COMMENT: It is not!
            AT NETFLIX (DVD and streaming):

            The Shooting of Thomas Hurndall – 2008 NR 90 minutes
            When peace activist and photography student Tom Hurndall (Matthew McNulty) is shot by an Israeli [DRUZE] sniper while attempting to rescue a group of Palestinian children, his grieving parents (Stephen Dillane and Kerry Fox) demand answers but are met with stony silence from the authorities. Determined to uncover the truth, the Hurndalls launch their own investigation. Rowan Joffe directs this poignant drama inspired by true events.

            NETFLIX LISTING – http://www.netflix.com/WiMovie/The_Shooting_of_Thomas_Hurndall/70117749
            IMDB – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1145529/

    2. Gene, by calling this ‘a sickness’ you are mellowing down the crime committed: this person is sick, so not fully responsible for her actions. Is it a symptom of a mental illness? No it isn’t. We think it’s sick, but alas it’s rather standard behaviour for occupiers (and haters). This is part of the condition humaine, and it happens everywhere and every day.

      Now when you ‘bury’ this kind of immoral behaviour, ignore it, it remains underground, where it can fester and spread. We don’t want that, do we?

  3. Just two comments:
    Eden’s response was not for Ido Keinan but for another blogger Omri Hayun (who is a prominent Israeli entertainment blogger) for changing his personal Facebook profile picture. He exposed the full correspondence on his blog: (http://www.tapuz.co.il/blog/UserBlog.asp?folderName=omritv&EntryId=1772990&passok=yes).
    The pictures appeared first in a blog called “Sachim (“mates”) they’re everywhere” which is a satire blog documenting Israeli main stream here:

  4. I wonder what would have happened if a Palestinian would have had the same attitude about Israelis. It would probably have been all around the news in the US and Europe.

      1. I am sure Terry meant the American ones(ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, PBS), you know–the ones that for decades by their one-sided coverage have eventually produced a society that has come to identify Israel with USA, a society that has blindly bankrolled both the Israeli “Settlements” and the IDF, whose governement has cast over 50 vetoes in the Security Council to defend its most egregious acts; acts which it would denounce vehemnetly if done by any other nation–and has gone to a disastrous war for its sake and is today poised to bomb a yet another country at its behest. Yes indeed, he means that media, the one that has formed a country whose Congress is an Israeli occupied territory and whose citizens do not even know that.

        1. I don’t know what he meant, but even assuming you are right, I could easily find them running a simple search of “Israeli soldier facebook” on ABC, CBS, and Fox.

          Anyway, it’s pretty much everywhere. You’d have to be trying to avoid it not to know about it.

      2. Strangely, I haven’t seen Abergil’s latest “wacky antics”, you know, with the genocidal hatred and whathaveyou, in any US or European media yet. It’s just the original story with the photos here. Also, ynetnews apparently pulled the story from their website. It’s still on Haaretz.

          1. Well, I’ll agree about the blogosphere, but are there any MSM who have reported her “kill Arabs” remarks? I’m not aware of any.

    1. Sadly, you are probably right. I first read about this in an email from Gilad Atzmon. Sadder still: Those who hate burn themselves. As someone once told me, resentment and hatred are like swallowing poison and waiting for the other person to die.

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