23 thoughts on “Will the Real Uri Brodsky Please Stand Up – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Mr. Silverstein. I don’t know, maybe you have further informations, but I don’t think that Brodsky has been extradited to Germany yet.

    According to the latest information that I find available:

    On July 7 Brodsky was ordered extradited to Germany by Warsaw’s district court.
    Apparently both Brodsky’s lawyers AND the prosecutor have appealed the ruling, for different reasons.
    Brodsky’s case will be heard by the appeals court on AUGUST 5.

    Not that this is central to the essence of your article, but just to let you know 🙂


        1. Thanks Ariel,this is bad news for justice. As far as I understand that means he’s only going to be tried on the forgery charges. The prosecutors appealed the Juli 7 order because they wanted it to include spying.

          1. I don’t think it matters much. Even a trial for forgery should prove embarrassing enough for the Mossad and anyone else who approved the El-Mabhouh assassination.

            I have a problem here – The real problem behind the murder of El-Mabhouh is a moral one. Israel sees murder as the first and last sanction towards anyone who opposes it. The capture and trial of Marwan Barghouti being the exception. Israel’s decision makers see themselves as judge, jury and executioners.
            Having said that, it’s hard to keep the moral part in mind when you realize that to carry out the fiasco, Israel had compromised over thirty Mossad agents, spent millions of dollars to murder one man who will undoubtedly be replaced, just to be thoroughly embarrassed by Dubai’s chief of police who pieced the whole thing together using common sense and high tech surveillance. Priceless.

  2. Seen the movie “Coma” ? with those vegetative people stored for organ harvesting half alive ? same with Mossad, they keep an underground storage of shell identities for their “acitivities”. One is lucky to only have one’s passport cloned, that’s rarely the case, the person is manipulated into making major life decisions (such as studying in SF and not in….Sorbone , eg), kept from living their life, in order that they remain “available” for usage. this is not only for identity theft, btw, there are other uses.

    The victims are chosen either arbitrarily or by personal petty motives of operatives (revenge, personal jealousy, past hurts, romantic interests etc.). One who is on the status of “coma”, has NO legal recourse.

    The foreign services of course know that, and for political reasons they blow the whistle now, and not earlier.

  3. im originally from sf

    the activists there are all bark and no bite…that kid has nothing to worry about…but his family should still move…sf is no place to raise a jewish child

    1. Absolute stupidity. I lived in Berkeley for three yrs. & it’s a great place to be a Jew. I co founded the Bay Area Jewish Music Festival which is still going strong there. Lots of great Jewish culture & tradition.

      1. Richard, you couldn’t be more wrong. After all, the Jewish Film Festival has for years done co-projects and co-presentations with the Arab Film Festival (which, to make matters worse, is now headed by my friend Michel Shehadeh of the infamous L.A. 8). Come on! How can THAT be a good environment for a Jewish child to grow up in?!

        1. That being said, I understand the SF Jewish federation has one of the most draconian pro Israel set of funding guidelines in the country. In fact, I’ve worked as a federation fundraiser before & I never heard of ANY such funding guidelines in any federation.

          But yeah, SF is a cesspool of Jewish-Arab cooperation which should make any self respecting Israel advocate shudder.

          1. I had a friend for awhile who worked for the SF Jewish Federation. We used to have lunch from time to time, and I always felt uncomfortable meeting him there. By contrast I never felt uncomfortable going to services at the very progressive synagogue he attended.

  4. Anyone whose identity was used by the Mossad to carry such a lofty operation should be proud and happy to have contributed in some way to ridding humanity from the terrorist Mahmoud al-Mabouh, who did not deserve to live one minute longer. These governments pursuing criminal cases for petty passports violations miss the big picture of the benefit they provided to the world by assisting to carry this noble operation. We need to remember that these germans who are prosecuting and persecuting this israeli, are the sons and daughters of former SS and Nazi sympathizers.

    1. I find this comment deeply offensive and immoral. This is a first warning. Future comments in this vein may end in you losing your comment privileges.

      Al-Mabouh was murdered, which is a crime, which will be prosecuted by Dubai. My hope is that Dagan and Bibi end up answering for this in the Hague. Some Hamas people should undoubtedly end up there as well, but that’s another story.

      Funny you should bring up the SS in this context…

        1. The world would be a better place without the bunch of cold-blooded murderers who have governed Israel since 1948 and according to you, the Palestinian resistance is in its right to go kill Bibi, Peres, Livi, Barak in some European hotel room. Or this extrajudicial death squad procedure is for Israelis only ??? What an ethnocentric narcissistic person you are !

    2. Eliel, such excellent sentiments you voice. The flip side of course is that this licenses any of us to cheer for some “righteous” operative somewhere – who manages to rid the world of say, some storm trooper thugs who participated in any way shape or form in the Gaza massacres or anyone who egged them on (they call that “commanders”). Oh yes, the thugs…I think they are called “soldiers” in an alternative reality. In this one they are just trained hit-men who shot up civilians because that’s what they were trained to do, just like the Chilean death squads. Eventually they will be out of uniforms won’t they? and they will travel somewhere, and someone will brag about participating in the Gaza atrocity, or the Lebanese one for that matter. Are their lives forfeit forever too? that’s where your expressed feelings lead. You think al-mabhoud was a “bad guy” who deserved to be gotten rid of. Others may think it’s some Israeli somewhere, who may have once participated in operation “cast lead” that should be similarly ‘disposed” of, making the world a “better” place.

      Reading you, I can imagine there are quite a few people who may be cheering for those Israeli agents (also called “soldiers”. They always are, aren’t they?) who went down in the helicopter crash in Romania. How many lives may have been saved by these individuals not being among the living any more? so what was that – divine retribution? that many fewer thugs running around?

      Is that the kind of sentiments you want to encourage? because what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. You are using the language of ethnic strife to stoke up emotions. That kind of incitement only ends up in grief for all. I am not sure why I should even bother to reply to the likes of you. It’s kind of like carrying on correspondence with Charles Manson.

      You are one creepy dude, eliel…..

    3. Eliel, you are just trying to explain that it’s okay for young Palestinians to make young Israeli pay for what their parents and grandparents did of killing, stealing and ethnic cleansing back in 1948 and 1967, that was your point, wasn’t it??

      1. 1948 and 67 were two other victories against difficult odds, where young israel succeded in surviving attacks by arab armies intent in throwing the jews to the sea. Cast lead, is a continuation of the fight for survival. The arab hate and arab intentions as reflected by Hamas and Hezbollah, are the same as back in 48 and 67, nothing changed in that respect, they just have new uniforms different colors and better weapons.

        1. Come on, your propagande is not convincing anyone around here.This “throwing the Jews to the sea” is just another Hasbara trick, especially when you know that thousands of Palestinians had to flee by sea.
          I suggest that you read ‘1967’ or whatever its name is in English by Tom Segev. As far as 1948 is concerned, the mythology of the ‘Five Arab Armies invading the new State of Israel’ has been debunked by tons of historians, lots of them Israelis. The Arab armies did not invade any parts of what was going to be the State of Israel except places in al-Quds. On the other hand, Jewish (I’m sorry, but they weren’t Israeli yet) terrorist organisations and what was to become the Israeli army blew up various Arab institutions already fron January 1948 on, and the village of Deïr Yassin, supposed to be in the future Arab state was destroyed and the inhabitans massacred in the beginning of April.
          As Dana, I don’t know why I’m wasting my time, but I just can’t let that kind of historical revisionnism without responding. One secular state for Jews and Arabs, whether you like it or not, and it’s on its way. Black South Africans waited for 350 years and the Palestinians are patient. Bi-sumud!!

  5. There may be some over-sensitivity of the webhost’s security settings in the wake of the recent DoS attacks. I have a similar problem at Yossi Gurvitz’s Hebrew blog, where my comments are blocked from yesterday’s evening (they were not blocked before, and I made no change in my Internet settings).

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