16 thoughts on “Identity of Former IDF Torturer Exposed, ‘Captain George’ is Doron Zahavi – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. @kill_terrorist_pigs

      not sure if I can agree with the sodomising of Netanyahu, Lieberman, all of Yisrael Beiteinu, many current and former heads of state in the US, UK, etc… but if you insist.

  1. Maybe if Israel would stop the occupation,and would reach a two state solution, there will be no terrorism ?
    Richard, keep up the great work, you are the best. don’t let them silence your voice.

    1. The only two-state solution worth bargaining for is where Israel goes back behind the armistice line and Palestine has full sovereignty over its territories, and its natural resources, along with the right to control its borders and to have a standing military force. And the right of return of all Palestinian refugees.

      This would be justice – and when there is justice there is no need for terrorism.

      1. Mary,
        In 48 the un gave them the bigger part of Israel, they didn’t exept and started a war. Where was the justice then?
        Unfoutunally for them they lost and a lot of them had to leave. Why should they get the right to return? Show me another place in the world that it happened . They should get their country in the 67 war line more or less and that’s it.

        1. a lot of them had to leave.

          What does that mean? What kind of euphemism is that? They “had to leave?” What, did they have an appointment they couldn’t miss somewhere else? What you mean to say is they were driven out. But did Israeli Palestinians “start a war” against Israel as you claim? No. Their guilt? They were Arab.

        2. UN voted to drive out people from their homes and gave most of the land to non existent yet inhabitants 52% 48% f ! search about it.
          those non existent inhabitants were selected through some obscure way (Jewish roots!) and send there in acompany of an army of voluntiers and sophisticated arms.
          To a country which was riped by Brithish Mandate in 1917!
          and under control of Brithish army !
          To colonize and make money for the power.
          israel is an illusion . It is an empty dream
          One country and that is Palestine .

  2. kill_terrorist_pigs is that you doran?
    Nice piece of work mr silverstein….kudo to you……
    but i would not have covered up this mans face…..

  3. Given the DOS attack, and subsequent downtime, I think I’ll quote the above on my own blog until someone squawks about copyright and tells me not to.

    That being said, you can never be sure that the DOS attack was really about this, or whether someone else with a grudge held their fire and timed it so there was somebody else in the frame.

    One other thing: there is software which allows astronomers to put tasks onto otherwise idle computers normally used for other things. It might be worth seeing whether the DOS activity matches relatively quiet times at Israeli police HQ, implying that the DOS software starts up when most people go home or go to lunch. That would suggest that the DOS attacker was committing a criminal offence against the Israeli police as well as Richard.

    Otherwise, it’s beginning to look as if there’s an Israeli version of the Odessa, acting to protect those who commit crimes against humanity in the name of the cause. That sort of thing Medawar opposes, from any and every part of the political spectrum in every part of the world.

  4. i agree Sandra, everyone should bear witness and know his identity.. great work, Mr. Silverstein, and your reply to that obnoxious individual was one of the best, no nonsense, well deserved smackdown’s i’ve ever had the pleasure of reading..

      1. Indeed.
        Mr Peres thinks it’s anti-semetic for the FCO to protest against the misuse of British passports to commit a murder, whilst Mr Putin appears to think that it’s not only okay to commit murder on the streets of London, but okay to do so using huge doses of radioactive poison that put more than 300 people besides the intended victim in considerable danger.

  5. A sad day when the former victims of the Nazis have turned themselves into animals and despicable criminals whose sole presence in this planet is an affront to human dignity and decency.


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