12 thoughts on “Im Tirtzu Widens Assault to Israeli Universities – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. bit of a storm in a tea cup, since such attempts to control the “political science” departments in academia have been there since I was student in Heb U, back in the early 80’s.
    Apparently, the government needs less fig leaves, and wishes to start a “I am crazy country like my neighbors” campaign, hence the new fanfares. Those “lefties” who have been allowed in Academia so far, received their tenure with the approval/deal of the government central control policies, even if some of them believe they are true “rebels” whose merit alone earned their position.
    Nothing new in our kingdom, except the new needs as perceived by those who make the rules. There’s a clear pressure now against any appearance of co existence, but the former official manifestations weren’t spontaneous to start with, so…the project is closing, its still a “project”, not grassroot. Dont forget that the support to co existence/peace in israel comes from arms dealers and not peaceniks…(e.g. the Turkey debate in Israel, or the donors of the NIF).

  2. richard,

    hope you had a nice fathers day.

    but can we please be honest?

    in regards to norman finkelstein, his support of a two state solution includes the right of return to all palestinian refugees, basically turning the state of israel into another arab state.

    you cant honestly be telling your readers that finkelstein is pro israel or pro zionist…can you?

    1. I’m completely uninterested in the meaningless terms pro-this or anti-that when it comes to Israel or Zionism. Finkelstein supports a 2 state solution. I don’t know the specifics of his beliefs beyond that, but I’d be willing to bet that he would support something like the Geneva Accords which recognize, but place constraints on the Right of Return to pre-State refugees. BTW, we need to redefine the Law of Return as well if we’re limiting such a fundamental Palestinian right, don’t we? Or do you believe we should only constrain Palestinian rights but not Jewish ones?

      1. you havent read any of norman’s books or listened to his talks?

        he has never said anything about constraints

        he believes (and has stated as much) in the full right of return, as stipulated by hamas

        which is fine…that is his position

        but it is not a neutral position

        as an aside….what is your standing on the right of return, or compensation, for the close to one million jews expelled from arab lands between 48 and 67?

        1. he believes (and has stated as much) in the full right of return, as stipulated by hamas

          Sorry, I don’t take yr word for anything. Provide proof.

          One million Jews were NOT expelled from Arab lands. That’s more far right propaganda. YOu’ve been reading too much MEMRI, Palestine Media Watch, Frontpagemagazine & the like. I’d like you to provide an ounce of evidence for this claim fr. a credible source. We’ve already dealt w. this subject in great detail, so I’m going to give you a very short leash. It’d be easy for you to go back & find the discussion on this. Nothing is worse than repeating arguments of others which have already been debunked.

          1. Wonderful. As I suspected Uncle Joe was full of baloney. I suspected his view might be close to the Geneva Accord & lo & behold it is. There’s so much hocus pocus about Finkelstein’s views. YOu can’t believe most of the claims.

  3. Im Tirtzu are turning into an S.A.-like organization. I wouldn’t be surprised if a couple years from now they will be prowling the streets in (blue and white) uniform, vandalizing, attacking and terrorizing lefties, peaceniks, academics, journalists, Tel Avivim and other such scum.

    May the book burning commence at Tel Aviv University!

  4. From what I understand (I haven’t bothered to read the full “report”, I admit) They categorized those who never addressed Zionism in any manner as “anti-Zionist” – thus John Rawls, for example, was counted as an anti-Zionist. That’s even worse than Finkelstein.
    And it should be said that Kadima is turning out to be a Fascist party (much more so than the Likud, surprisingly) as all of its initiatives in the Palestinian/Zionist issue are utterly Fascist in nature.

  5. “Pro-Israel”, “Zionist”, and “Jewish state” are terms whose meanings are very much in the eye of the beholder. There’s no inherent contradiction at all between “a state for all its citizens” and a “Jewish state”; indeed, one can hold that the former is the sine qua non for the latter.

  6. I sincerely doubt an Israeli-native wrote this note, it’s CLEARLY written by someone who’s Hebrew is NOT his original language. (unless this was written by a 9y/o)

    I also doubt they’re stupid enough to connect their own organization with an actual death threat.

    This whole deal smells funny, and the tone of this article serves well to distinguish honest journalism (oh hey, how come this ISN’T in the media?) and slanted and biased reporting (Reuters, anyone?) ?!

    1. Just because it wasn’t written by an Israeli native doesn’t mean the writer of the note isn’t dangerous. Jack Teitel prob. doesn’t know much Hebrew either. There are lots of American settlers who don’t know Hebrew well. And you also forget that this person was deliberately attempting to write a note in cursive so as not to give away their handwriting.

      I never said the note was from Im Tirtzu & I doubt it is. I get threats all the time from Stand With Us which appear to have nothing to do w. the group (at least as far as I know). But the fact is that these nutcases latch onto far right groups that seem to reflect their views.

      Do you mean the fact that no Israel media outlet has had the guts to report Neve’s death threat means it isn’t a story? So that would mean that the story of Mr. X wasn’t a worthy story either when I reported it, since Yediot had just taken its own article down about it–until the Telegraph decided it WAS a story today. And Anat Kamm wasn’t a worthy story either because no paper in Israel had the guts to report it–until Judith Miller did & then it became a legitimate story. Same w. Ameer Makhoul.

      There are a few problems w. yr faulty logic. Other than that, you’re golden.

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