10 thoughts on “Jeffrey Goldberg Falsely Claims Palestinian Authority Supports Gaza Siege – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Could it be that your government is too busy subsidizing its own military industrial complex through foreign “aid” to Israel to really care about what happens between Israel and the Palestinians, or even to want the situation to be solved?

  2. Actually, I think Goldberg got this one right. However, the PA’s collusion with the US and Israel proves only that they are morally and politically bankrupt, not that the siege is “OK.”

  3. Richard, surely you are savvy enough to understand that Mahmoud Abbas might favor something behind the scenes that is unpopular, and disfavor it in public for that reason, especially if you hold that Fatah relies on the US and Israel to maintain its power. It’s not a secret that Fatah benefits from the weakening of Hamas, as you have pointed out many times.

    I mean, put yourself in Abbas’s shoes. Whatever your private feelings are on the blockade, you have to denounce it publicly.

    The same reasoning may apply to some statements of the Turkish leader; I suspect he is in the end more moderate than his public statements which, again, he utters primarily for domestic consumption.

    1. Someone I trust tells me that you are right. But that doesn’t excuse Goldberg’s sloppiness in allowing listeners to presume this is Fatah’s official public policy, when it isn’t.

  4. Actually, there is a lot of evidence that Abbas & the PA have tacitly supported the siege. I can find it for you, if you’re interested. But, as Judy says, this says more about the siege than the PA.

    1. He does. I have it from a journalist who visited the W Bank & heard such support directly fr. senior Fatah folks. Abbas just said publicly he’s opposed to the siege. But it’s not what he says privately. It’s two faced, but what can you do?

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