5 thoughts on “Amnesty Says, ‘Hands Off Ameer Makhoul!’ – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. 100% support.
    Let’s make the world better!

    More and more Israeli citizens have the courage to criticize openly their government. They organize all kind of actions and let the world see that not the Jews but the Israeli government and political and financial lobbies are responsable for the never-ending tragedy in the Middle East.

    The Israeli citizens are the only hope for the Middle East and the Israeli en Palestinian future generations.
    They are the only answer to the hopeless cycle of violence and hate which the Israeli government uses to maintain
    her boundless power.

  2. In a separate communication, Amnesty also called on Israel not to jail Mordechai Vanunu — or else, Amnesty said, they would make him a prisoner of conscience…

  3. RE: This is ‘democracy’ Israel-style. – R.S.
    SEE: Is Israel Sliding Towards a Police State? , By Mel Frykberg, 05/13/10
    (excerpt)…Just how much power Israel’s domestic intelligence agency the Shin Bet has and whether Israel might be turning into a police state has also been the subject of media speculation recently.
    This follows the secret midnight arrests of a Turkish national and several Israeli-Arabs on espionage allegations and the gag orders surrounding the arrests.
    There are a number of other incidents involving the Shin Bet. At the beginning of the year the Shabak, as the Shin Bet is also known, placed a gag order on the circumstances surrounding the arrest and interrogation of Israeli journalist Anat Kam….
    ….A week ago two Israeli Arabs, Ameer Makhoul from Haifa, the director general of the Ittijah charity, and Omar Said, a member of the Balad political party, were arrested by the Shin Bet and heavily armed anti-terror squads during night raids on their family apartments.
    The two have been accused of passing on information to the Lebanese resistance organization’s, Hezbollah. The Shin Bet again placed a gag on the arrests until a few days ago with some of the details still remaining secret.
    Critics argue that the allegations are flimsy at best and have more to do with Makhoul supporting a boycott of Israeli settlement goods and his campaigning for equal rights for Israeli-Arabs…
    ENTIRE ARTICLE – http://original.antiwar.com/frykberg/2010/05/12/is-israel-sliding-towards-a-police-state/

    1. P.S. ALSO FROM FRYKBERG’S ARTICLE: …In further breaking news several Palestinian medical students have been refused entry permits to Jerusalem to continue their studies at Jerusalem’s Al Quds University after they refused to spy for the Shin Bet on student activity there.
      The Shin Bet declined to discuss the issue other than to say the permits had been denied “on security grounds.”

  4. RE: “An Ittijah staff member told Ynetnews how the Shin Bet develops and administers its list of forbidden contacts. And it’s a wonder of authoritarian caprice…” – R.S.

    Titorelli: “You see, in definite acquittal, all the documents are annulled. But with ostensible acquittal, your whole dossier continues to circulate. Up to the higher courts, down to the lower ones, up again, down. These oscillations and peregrinations, you just can’t figure ‘em.”
    Joseph K: “No use in trying either, I suppose.”
    Titorelli: “Not a hope. Why, I’ve known cases of an acquitted man coming home from the court and finding the cops waiting there to arrest him all over again. But then, of course, theoretically it’s always possible to get another ostensible acquittal.”
    Joseph K: “The second acquittal wouldn’t be final either.”
    Titorelli: “It’s automatically followed by the third arrest. The third acquittal, by the fourth arrest. The fourth…”
    The Trial (1962) Trailer [03:54] – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_7weUR0oMY&feature=related
    The Trial, Opening Scene (Orson Welles, 1962) [08:41] – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RBp464uBH9A&NR=1

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