11 thoughts on “Dershowitz’ Latest Outrage, Compares Goldstone to Mengele – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Every repulsive word out of Dersh’s mouth is a victory for Palestine because only the most ignorant and hateful Zionist dirtbag would find anything Dershowitz says to be of any value whatsoever.

  2. one problem richard,

    goldstone has repeatedly stated that he was always against the apartheid system.

    no one forced him to become a judge.

    he willingly became a part of the system that he now says was abhorrent to him.

    is it a bit overboard to compare him to mengele? yes

    but goldstone supporters should really steer clear of trying to justify his choice of taking a judgeship in apartheid south africa.

    and i do believe that the attorney who represented mandela was offered a judgeship (before he became mandela’s atty) and turned it down, for the reason that he could not serve under the apartheid regime, enforcing apartheid laws.

    oh, and if kagan is against the death penalty, and is asked about it and lies, it is grounds for impeachment should she sit on the bench.

    just as roberts and alito should be impeached for lying during their confirmation hearings.

    1. is it a bit overboard to compare him to mengele? yes

      “A bit?????” Pls. don’t make me laugh. You make yrself into such an apologist for him w. such a pathetic mini-me acknowledgement of the horror of his statement.

      oh, and if kagan is against the death penalty, and is asked about it and lies

      That’s not how confirmation hearings work. These people are far too smooth to lie. They just refuse to take a clear cut position.

    2. Uncle Joe,

      Actually, there were many liberal Afrikaners like Goldstone who accepted appointments to the bench in the 1970’s and 1980s in the hopes that they would push South Africa in the direction towards constitutional democracy. And the fact is that Goldstone did issue several rulings as a Justice that considerably undermined the Apartheid regime, not to mention his work chairing the Commission on Public Violence and Intimidation from 1991-1994 that exposed the use of death squads by F.W. DeKlerk. Read these pieces about Goldstone’s work as Justice before you condemn him for being a sell-out to apartheid.

      Frankly, I think the judgment of Nelson Mandela regarding Goldstone carries a lot more weight in this area than Alan Dershowitz’ or Danny Ayalon’s

    1. As one who lived in the Middle East for several years and supports the Palestinians in their just struggle against expansionst/occupier Israel, I want to thank Alan Dershowitz for yet another irrational and desperate outburst. Every time he opens his mouth in public to attack those who are critical of Israel more people rally to the Palestinian cause. Keep it up Dersh!!!

  3. “…Likely knows next to nothing about South African law.”
    You know nothing about SA law.
    Beyond the death penalty, Goldstone upheld and also handed out convocations on number of other serious racial laws.
    Try looking up his not so great history here in South Africa. His dubious findings during the Goldstone commission here in South Africa. He found that the ANC was virtually blameless for the death of thousands of their black opponent during the spiral of violence following Mandela’s release.
    Of course Mandela allowed him to stay on as a judge. Goldstone proved during apartheid and then when the tables turned that he is a willing servant to whoever will pay his cheque.

    1. You don’t appear to know much about S.A. law or S.A either. Or is it that you’re such a partisan ideological hack that you know about these things & choose to skew what you report to make Goldstone & the ANC look as evil as possible. At any rate, yr views are clearly far right wing & should be treated w. some skepticism.

      I’m frankly unwilling to take your unsubstantiated word for anything inculding Goldstone’s record. You merely make value judgements & provide no proof or even serious argument.

  4. The Case for Israel, The Case for Peace, The Case For Moral Clarity, The Case Against Israel’s Enemies, The Case Against the Goldstone Report…

    Boy, I just can’t wait for “The Case” box set.

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