8 thoughts on “Who is Hassan Jaja and Why is He a Shin Bet Forbidden Person? – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I hope your detective work and reporting are correct.
    If so, it will be interesting to discover whether accusing an environmentalist of being a Hezbollah warrior gets any egg on shin Bet’s face.

    But don’t be too hopeful. Maybe Geagea gave a quarter to a beggar on the street who was a Hezbollah fighter, and thus (if Israel copies USA terrorism law) gave “material support” to a terrorist.

  2. richard.

    you posted unsubstantiated internet rumor, yet you ask me why i wait for confirmation on anything associated with this case?

    and then you want confirmation to negate internet rumor?

    1. I have no idea what you’re talking about. What “unsubstantiated internet rumor?” The information I’ve published about the Makhoul gag & Hassan Geagea has been solidly confirmed. Next time you want to dispute something make sure you specify what you’re objecting to otherwise no one will have a clue what you’re talking about.

      1. you assumed the person who was allegedly contacted by the individuals in custody was a member of a certain family….he isnt…yet you are going to stand by your statement that all the information you have put out has been confirmed? by who? other bloggers? the families of those currently in custody?

        and why am i to believe that any of this information is correct

        instead of jumping the gun, why dont you wait until all relevant information is put out.

        as far as i can tell…here are the only things that can be confirmed

        makhoul and sayid were arrrested. there was a gag order placed over the arrests. neither man was allowed to consult with an atty. the gag order was partially lifted and the charges are of spying for hezbollah.

        you should also mention that a rally of about 1000 was held for makhoul in kafr kana

        1. I made the statement about Geagea’s family relation to Samir Geagea based on a claim made by an Israeli journalist I trust. He didn’t know for sure but made an educated guess. I did further research by turning to a better informed source and she provided more substantiated information about Hassan Geagea’s background & activist interests. If you doubt what I’ve published please debunk it. I like to see people like you make fools of themselves. So go right ahead & report back on what you learn. My source has provided ground rules for use of the information she provided and I’m honoring them. If you don’t like it, I frankly could care less.

          I don’t wait for goons to tell me what they want me to know. I find the information out for myself & force their hand. That’s what a good journalist does.

          You too are done in this thread & on this subject. Find something else to comment on if you wish. Don’t return to this thread.

  3. Richard, I appreciate your work, but do note that there are also Muslim Geagea (probably Shia) in Lebanon.

    1. There is a Hassan Geagea who has a Facebook page. One of the figures he “likes” is a Shiite imam. So it is possible that the Hassan Geagea who met w. Makhoul is Shiite & this might draw him closer to Hezbollah. But the Geagea in Facebook also signed a statement to break the electoral deadlock, a statement sponsored by a civil society coalition. This doesn’t sound like anything remotely symapthetic to Hezbollah. So there you go. Lebanese politics are complicated.

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