6 thoughts on “Israel Breaks Kam Gag: Floodgates Open – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Richard – there are so many points I want to make, but I’ll limit myself to two:

    – On Channel 10’s 8pm news edition (04/08/10), Avigdor Feldman (one of Kam’s attorneys), stated that Kam gave Blau the full file with all the documents on it, for him to use at his discretion, and that it was Blau’s combing of the file that brought light to the Two Towers operation.
    Granted, we take Feldman’s words with a grain of salt, but I think it is significant that Kam and her attorneys are seeking this line of defence, rather than depicting her as a whistle-blower, who specifically wanted the three documents related to Two Towers out. Feldman almost made it sound like she had no vested interest in any of the specific documents.

    – Kam’s other attorney, Eitan Lehman, claimed on Channel 1’s 7:30pm edition that the number of documents was exaggarated and amounted to less than a hundred. Keep in mind that even those stating the 2000 figure, claim that of them only some hundreds were classified as “secret” and “top secret”.

  2. You stated: “We must make them [Shin Bet/Criminals] pay the price. It may be a vain undertaking.”

    Whether or not it’s a vain undertaking must not discourage a massive and necessary outcry from happening. These thugs should get all the grief that’s coming to them because they will definitely continue to abuse their power unchecked, and they should worry that there will be a wave of opposition coming their way every time they attempt to do so. This is an opportunity to make a powerful statement on a threat to justice and democracy.

    I’m afraid however that one way or another they might try to make an example of Kam and Blau to warn and intimidate future whistle blowers and journalists not to go down this road again.

    You are right to shame Yediot and its reporter. Every blog and media source should come down on them for this betrayal.

    Please don’t ease up on condemning this attack on democracy; it’s just too important.

  3. Thank you for your reporting and towing the moral line here Richard.

    There is still too much we do not know. It would be interesting to hear Anat Kam under oath if she is allowed and is brave enough to speak her mind- and if we are allowed to hear.

    Regardless of any weaseling by her attorney’s about Kam being a whistle-blower, I think it’s very important to keep using those words to describe her.

  4. Richard,

    You’ve been such a leader on this. Early signs also seem to indicate that the work by you and other bloggers has actually helped pull the rug from under the Shabak’s case, and now such accusations as “intent to harm state security” will probably carry water.

    1. Of course, I meant “will probably not carry water”. Shabak wanted the case to remain secret until the press would announce some ex-soldier is accused of spying for stealing secret documents with ideological motives, etc. etc. making her some Udi Adiv or Talli Fahima in the public eye. Instead, the early focus was on the gag order itself and on the Naveh assassination commands, and the overall public view might be softer and more aligned with each person’s political opinions.

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