8 thoughts on “Doug Pike Takes J Street Endorsement and Funding, Then Rejects It – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. You are aware that Trividi is leaning right on the Israeli issue I hope. If you consider yourself a worthwhile Jew at least learn what your talking about. And Otis Pike was a Democrat check your facts.

    1. Thanks for the correction about Pike. I’ll correct that. As for Trivedi (you might want to check your spelling since you’re asking me to check my facts), I’ll bet his views on Israel become a lot more progressive now. Amazing what politics can do in situations like this!

  2. Otis Pike was DEFF a dem, so I Have NO CLUE where you came up with that. And as far as trivedi he is not going progressive on this. he isn’t sure of any of his issues. also, why have you not made the corrections yet?

    1. What, are you guys playing tag team wrestling? Do you pass the baton to someone else who publishes the same comment an hour after this one was published? I wonder whether you’re wroking for Pike or Gerlach? Care to tell us? But congrats, at least you learned how to spell Trivedi’s name. That’s an accomplishment.

  3. Being a JStreet accountant must be an interesting job as some of the checks coming in resemble some of the checks going out.

    And if he needs help in dealing with this he can always get advice from the person who sends out JStreet’s conference invitations.

    Perhaps JStreet should better research the people they are inviting/endorsing. If this continues someone might think incompetence is lurking.

    1. Nice try. But the only one who comes out of this looking bad is Pike–and you for attempting to shift the blame & discussion. J St. raised $30K in a day in response to Pike’s nonsense, so its donors don’t appear to share your disdain.

      I have no idea what yr first sentence means & if you don’t start speaking clearly instead of in vague insensible terms, you may not be commenting here long.

    1. Millions. Do you want to see the cancelled checks? Don’t be an idiot. On 2nd thought I guess it just comes naturally to you. And my name isn’t “Rich.” And do point out a single thing I “made up.”

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