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  1. If you take into account the fact that Israel’s Operation Cast Lead last year killed up to 352 Palestinian children, “killed and starved” does actually apply…

  2. “The only difference perhaps is that the Nazis actually killed and starved the children, while Kramer is only advocating starving them.”

    Yes, Richard, but the IDF has killed plenty of Palestinian children, has it not? I guess that kind of fills in the blanks on the issue of genocide.

    Excellent piece, and many thanks to both you and Ali. Harvard, on the other hand, needs to clean house.

  3. RE: Professor Kamer advocating cuts in certain subsistence aid to Palestinians in order to curb extremism

    SEE – “UNRWA: Canada Leads, the US Should Follow”, solomania.com, 01/25/10
    (EXCERPT) Stephen Harper’s Conservatives have been shaming the United States with their strong stand on Israel and UN-related issues, and now this is extremely welcome news: Canada will no longer be writing checks to UNRWA, but only funding specific projects: “Help, not hate”

    “Help, not hate”, The National Post (Canada), 01/25/10
    Since last fall, the federal Conservative government has been withdrawing taxpayer funding from non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that use their grants to take sides against Israel in the Middle East conflict. Now comes word that last week, Ottawa told the United Nations it would no longer fund the world body’s Palestinian refugee agency. From now on, Canadian aid to Palestinians will be directed to specific projects. We will no longer give lump-sum aid to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNWRA), since most of that money simply goes straight into the Palestinian Authority’s (PA) general treasury, where it might be used for humanitarian projects or might be used to arm and train terrorists…

    “SOLOMANIA” SOURCE – http://www.solomonia.com/blog/archive/2010/01/unrwa-canada-leads-the-us-should-follow/
    “THE NATIONAL POST” – http://www.nationalpost.com/opinion/story.html?id=2480896

      (EXCERPT)….[Prof. Martin] Kramer elaborates in a subsequent piece. In response to the argument that the international community does not provide Palestinians with “pro-natal subsidies,” Kramer explodes: “This is a lie. UNWRA (the United Nations agency that provides support for Palestinian refugees) assures that every child with ‘refugee’ status will be fed and schooled regardless of their parents’ own resources….”
      So the “pro-natal subsidies” to which he refers are food! That explains why he points to the success of Israel’s current sanctions…
      SOURCE – http://mediamattersaction.org/blog/201002240006

      1. ALSO SEE: Gaza: Treading on Shards, By Sara Roy, The Nation, 02/17/10
        (EXCERPTS)…According to Amnesty International, 90-95 percent of the water supplied by Gaza’s aquifer is “unfit for drinking.” The majority of Gaza’s groundwater supplies are contaminated with nitrates well above the acceptable WHO standard–in some areas six times that standard–or too salinated to use. Gaza no longer has any source of regular clean water. According to one donor account, “Nowhere else in the world has such a large number of people been exposed to such high levels of nitrates for such a long period of time….
        …It is possible that high nitrate levels have contributed to some shocking changes in the infant mortality rate (IMR) among Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and West Bank. IMR, widely used as an indicator of population health, has stalled among Palestinians since the 1990s and now shows signs of increasing. This is because the leading causes of infant mortality have changed from infectious and diarrheal diseases to prematurity, low birth weight and congenital malformations. These trends are alarming (and rare in the region), because infant mortality rates have been declining in almost all developing countries, including Iraq…
        ENTIRE ARTICLE – http://www.thenation.com/doc/20100301/roy

  4. There is the academic freedom argument–it’s supposed to protect speech, even monstrous, despicable speech, which this most certainly is.

    But I’m not clear on what Kramer’s actual connection is to Harvard.

  5. Don’t forget that Harvard also employs the evil Ruth Wisse, of ‘Palestinians are people who breed and bleed and advertise their misery’ infamy.

    1. It makes you wonder just how far to go in the free speech thing, when bigotry becomes acceptable in the highest academic circles. Controversy is one thing, hate is another.

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