8 thoughts on “Dubai Assassination: Fisk Claims European Collaboration – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Richard

    Giving national security officials a license to kill at their discretion is much more dangerous than you let on. These powers tend to be abused the longer they last and right now there is no end in sight either in Israel or the US.

    The fact that Ron Paul is just about the only member of Congress concerned about where this may lead is truly frightening for what it says about our “democracy”.

  2. “We killed a potential partner, relatively moderate and charismatic. As a bonus, we got revenge attacks like those after “the Engineer” Yihyeh Ayash was slain.”

    Why the irony? Is it irony? In the eyes of the Liebermans of this world, revenge attacks are a “bonus” – not that they’d ever admit that. Anything that perpetuates the conflict is a good thing for those who thrive on it.

  3. The American CIA, British Mi5, Mi5, along with Mossad all had a hand in it.

    Even the European Union had a hand it.

    Good news is, this will only strenghten Hamas, Fatah, and of course Hezbollah.

    Soon Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Gaza will be free from the Western tyrans and Israel, soon.

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