4 thoughts on “Dershowitz on Goldstone: I Didn’t Mean It, I Didn’t Say It, I Didn’t Hear It…Oh S(&t, If the Shoe Fits Wear It – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I don’t know enough Yiddish or Hebrew to judge what Dersh might have or not said, nor can I see into his heart. All I do know is that he is the biggest embarrassment to the Jewish people I have come across, and I’ve been watching him for a long time. I do know what “momser” means, and so does he. I’ll tell that to him face to face, anytime, anywhere.

  2. Way back when, in 1897, Ahad Ha’am had it right:

    “I have a shrewd suspicion that this allegory can equally well be applied, with a slight change, to its inventors themselves. There is an old lady who, despairing utterly of regaining her lover by entreaties, submission and humility, suddenly decks herself out in splendour and begins to treat him with hatred and contempt. Her object is still to influence him. She wants him at least to respect her in his heart of hearts, if he can no longer love her. Whoever reads Die Welt attentively and critically will not be able to avoid the impression that the Western “Zionists” always have their eyes fixed on the non-Jewish world, and that they, like the assimilated Jews, are aiming simply at finding favour in the eyes of the nations: only that whereas the others want love, the “Zionists” want respect. They are enormously pleased when a Gentile says openly that the “Zionists” deserve respect, when a journal prints some reference to the “Zionists” without making a joke of them, and so forth. Nay, at the last sitting of the Congress the President found it necessary publicly to tender special thanks to the three Gentiles who had honoured the meeting by taking part in it, although they were all three silent members, and there is no sign of their having done anything. If I wished to go into small details, I could show from various incidents that in their general conduct and procedure these “Zionists” do not try to get close to Jewish culture and imbibe its spirit, but that, on the contrary, they endeavour to imitate, as Jews, the conduct and procedure of the Germans, even where they are most foreign to the Jewish spirit, as a means of showing that Jews, too, can live and act like all other nations. It may suffice to mention the unpleasant incident at Vienna recently, when the young “Zionists” went out to spread the gospel of “Zionism” with sticks and fisticuffs, in German fashion. And the Zionist organ regarded this incident sympathetically, and, for all its carefulness, could not conceal its satisfaction at the success of the Zionist fist.

  3. To borrow a phrase from Keith Olbermann, Dershowitz has earned the title (at least temporarily) “WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD!”

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