86 thoughts on “Kahane Grandson Arrested in Torching of Yasuf Mosque – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. It is not surprising news, except that they bothered to arrest anyone for the crime. Hopefully the young terrorist will help to bring his cohorts to justice as well. Justice is relative; I am aware that a different standard is applied to settlers than, say, were a Palestinian youth to be arrested for a similar offense.

    Nomi, what is “very, very sad?” The crime, the arrest, or the unsurprising identity of the suspect?

    1. Unsurprising identity? So perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised if your kids are suicide bombers? For someone with an allegedly open mind, you sure know how to prejudge people.

      1. perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised if your kids are suicide bombers

        Make another comment remotely like that here & you’ll be banned so fast yr head will spin. DO NOT abuse my children even using hypothetical terms. Period.

          1. Do you have any children? If you did, you wouldn’t need to ask the question. My children don’t get “preferential treatment” whatever that means. They are protected. And I do not allow anyone to write or say the things you have done about them. One idiot stole an image of me and my son and re-captioned it saying we were preparing suicide bombs. Another stole another image of me with my children and used it as his website to slander me. I will not allow anyone to draw my children into this fight. They didn’t pick this subject, I did. Finally, I have received numerous physical & death threats. For that reason alone, I do not allow my children drawn into this blog except when I feature their art work or pictures of them.

  2. Hi Richard.

    Long time no see.

    “Both his grandfather and parents were murdered by Arab militants in separate incidents.”

    And the circle of violence continues.

    Why are we – the human race – so stupid…

  3. Oh and I forgot: the whole of Haiti is in COMPLETE collapse, and you have nothing else to blog about? Wouldn’t it be wise to at least put up a link to donate, like all the right wing blogs are doing?

    1. the whole of Haiti is in COMPLETE collapse, and you have nothing else to blog about?

      I think that’s a modified version of Hasbara Handbook Point 42a: always deflect criticism by pointing to the other worse-off places in the world to which we should direct attention instead of Israel.

      1. WHAT??? What did that have to do with ANYTHING??? You did EXACTLY THAT JUST NOW – you DEFLECTED CRITICSM by pointing to ME attempting to do Hasbarah.

        Are you looking to extract some sort of confession before you actually listen to what I say? Ok, here you go: I, like you, have utter contempt for the actions perpetrated by this idiot. I, like you, have sheer disdain for the ideologies his grandfather made famous. And I, like you, would love it if Tapuach never, ever existed. I am not just saying that; anyone I know will confirm it (though I guess you don’t have access to that kind of information, regardless) now that we agree, why did you find it necessary to post about something completely trivial like this, as opposed to something non-trivial that you could have had a seriously positive effect on?

        For those reading:


        1. Jon, you seem to think you have the right to make insulting and very defamatory comments to other people on this thread without their having provoked you personally. I would say that that is not only dirty fighting, but terribly ignorant and self-defeating.

          There is a very clear record in the West Bank of the types of “justice” handed out to settlers versus Arabs. For starters, an Arab does not even have the right to appear in the same court as a settler, but must go before a military court which is not only inherently biased against him but also does not give him the same legal protections as a Jew has in the West Bank.

          In many cases, even assaults and murders, settlers and other non-Arabs in the West Bank have been acquitted or let off with a slap on the wrist.

          Only the most mean-spirited, childish dolt would make such a disgusting comment about my having children who are suicide bombers. You must be another of those right wing settler supporter crazy types, or else you would not make such a remark or call the arson of a mosque “trivial.” Both remarks are despicable.

        2. Read the description of this blog:
          “Essays on politics, culture and ideas about Israeli-Arab peace and world music”

          What is wrong with having a specific realm of interest?

    2. That’s a stupid criticism. Yes, there is a terrible tragedy going on in Haiti–it doesn’t mean that Haiti is the only thing in the world people have to talk about. Individual bloggers choose various areas to focus on.

      And anyway, your comment is self-refuting. Rather than write a comment giving web addresses for relief organizations, you come here to insult one commenter and tell Richard he should be blogging about Haiti.

    3. “Oh and I forgot: the whole of Haiti is in COMPLETE collapse”

      You forgot, and yet you expected Richard to write a blog about it???

      1. So, one by one:

        Richard: let me make this clear. I wrote NOTHING about your children. The comment I wrote that read: “So perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised if your kids are suicide bombers?” had nothing to do with you. Apart from that, I don’t see how writing about your children is “attacking them,” but I’m not interested in belaboring this point, which is purely theoretical anyway. Point taken, in light of the stuff people have done with your kids. I will keep that in mind.

        But in answer to your other comment: YES, I think that when a country has just been nearly annihilated and fifty thousand (50,000) people have died and they still need help AND YOU CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, yeah, blogging about the teenage arsonist that burned down one (1) mosque is pretty trivial.

        Elisabeth: yours is perhaps the only legitimate argument posed here. But it seems this bears repeating: RICHARD SILVERSTEIN COULD EASILY (in about 2 minutes) MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Judging by the wealth of commenters here, there is a significant number of people who read this blog on a regular basis, who (nominally, it seems) care about human rights and relief work. I am not suggesting he should write a puff piece about the 100 person team Israel shipped out like all the other blogs have done (though of course, that is related both to politics and the Middle East.) I am simply saying, put up a 5 second post linking to a site that accepts donations.

        Donald: pay attention. I did, indeed, post a link, once I saw Richard was not going to, and before you claimed I didn’t no less.

        And finally, Mary: The ad hominems that consist of your first paragraph do not deserve the dignity of response. Similarly, your speech about “Two Types of Justice” bears absolutely 0 relevance to the topic at hand. And look at that! You just stereotyped me (incorrectly, I might add) into “another of those right wing settler supporter crazy types” because I had a certain despicable character trait demonstrated by calling you out for YOUR prejudices! It seems you’re an expert bigot, and I’m impressed at your ability to completely compartmentalize your modes of thought. Well done.

          1. And you have completely proven yourself to be utterly uninterested in having any kind of relevant discussion, but prefer to monopolize Richard’s blog for the purpose of setting up your own soap box. I would say that perhaps I may have been wrong in stereotyping you, but I do not have any doubt that I am correct in categorizing you as obnoxious, unintelligent and bigoted.

            Tell me, your concern about Haiti is so touching but did you lift a finger to speak out for the people of Gaza last year after Operation Cast Lead? And how about the thousands of civilians refugees forced to leave their homes recently in Pakistan due to heavy fighting involving American air strikes?

          2. Serious discussion about what, exactly? Or did you mean, “you have completely proven yourself to be utterly uninterested in engaging me in the debate I decided to have in this comment section”? Yes, I am, because the words “obnoxious” “unintelligent” and “bigoted” remain completely unrelated to my comments in any form, regardless of their alleged truth. Of course, seeing as you post quite regularly (I understand, being low on brain cells rules out productive activity; I at least have the excuse of being a student on break) I assumed you’d be aware of that “rule” that Richard quoted to me one time: provide proof for your assertions! But I guess you just like to bandy fully unsubstantiated and insubstantial ad-hominems around without actually figuring out whether they relate to their referents? Figures.

            As it turns out, despite being on quite a limited income at the moment, I managed to find money to donate to relief agencies in Gaza that I didn’t think were funneling it to Hamas. I also donated to rocket victims in Sderot. But why on EARTH should I justify myself to you? You’ve thoroughly proven yourself to be a fool, and I’ve demonstrated the steps involved for you. I have every right to criticize Richard on this issue (and I think he knows it) because he has people READING HIM and LISTENING TO WHAT HE SAYS. And did you lift a finger to speak out against the rocket-fire in south Israel, JUST AS MUCH A CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY ACCORDING TO THE GOLDSTONE REPORT? I also get to call you out for not calling for help for Haiti, because you’ve been, amusingly, consistently denying any value to my attempt to draw attention to an immediate crisis of epic proportions. We call that counter-productive. But you know what, I guess I was wrong when I assumed human rights are, well, UNIVERSAL.

          3. You’ve thoroughly proven yourself to be a fool

            THAT is another violation of my comment rules. Do not use that term again addressed to another commenter.


            You’re misconstruing Goldstone. He doesn’t make a claim that the Qassams are equal in culpability or severity to Israel’s crimes in the Gaza war. He merely says that firing rockets at Israeli civilians is a war crime. Whether “just as much” is a judgment call.

            I calling an end to the Haiti discussion for you. You had your say about it & anything further you do say involves repeating yrself. So stop. Now.

            Human rights ARE universal. And millions of blogs and media outlets are featuring the Haiti crisis. How many are advancing the ideas I espouse about the Israeli-Arab conflict?? So when you can enlist half of those writing about Haiti to come around to my interests in addressing the conflict, then I’ll start blogging 24/7 about Haiti. Deal?

          4. It seems commenters aren’t created equally, huh? Mary gets to insult people as much as she wants (as do you) but I don’t? Well that’s fine, because I have nothing besides that to complain about – you gave in, and there’s a Haiti ad on the right panel of your site. Thank you for acknowledging your mistake and rectifying it, even if you did so in such a childish way.

          5. On the contrary, it seems I’m the only person commenting here with the slightest concern for anyone besides the Palestinians. And yet the catch-all insult around here is “bigot”…

          6. Jon, I think the catchall term here is “STOP.” What is your objective here, really, other than to bicker with people? Did I insult you, or did I express my opinion, which is that your commentary and demeanor is obnoxious and childish?

            “Of course, seeing as you post quite regularly (I understand, being low on brain cells rules out productive activity; I at least have the excuse of being a student on break)”

            You inferred that I am a stupid person because I seem to find the time to post frequently on Richard’s blog. Now who is being insulting? Your remark is completely out of line and utterly infantile. Did it ever cross your mind that the reason I am able to post frequently is because I work at home (as a human rights activist, no less)? Now who looks foolish and bigoted here?

            As I said, continue your studies; you have a lot to learn. You also have a lot of growing up to do.

          7. Boy, not only are you an expert bigot, you sure know how to distort what people said

            -I expressed my opinion of you similarly. I stated you’re a fool and low on brain cells. So we’re even, right?

            -I managed to infer you’re stupidity without noticing that you’re a regular commenter. So nice try.

            -Really? You work as a human rights activist? That explains a lot.

          8. You don’t even recognize it when I quote you directly from your own comments, yet you claim I am a fool and low on brain cells.

            I think you need to take a break.

          9. You’re pathetic. I’m leaving, because this has gone nowhere. Your immaturity and acute hermeneutic retardation explain plenty about a whole lot of things. Go on, take the last word. In fact, have the last three.

          10. No problem, Jon. Maybe you will find somewhere in your world a place where your style of “commenting” is appreciated. I went through this entire comment thread and could not find a single thing you said that had to do with the original subject, and so I assume that your purpose here was to follow another agenda entirely. Unfortunately for you, the level of discourse that is customary on Richard’s blog seems to be a little beyond your abilities. Your futile attempts at getting under my skin were just that – futile. At least make it interesting next time, and discuss the subject of the thread, OK? If I wish to swat flies, I will visit a cow barn.

          11. Buh bye, Jon.

            Acute hermeneutic retardation – wow! Apparently he learned three new words at school today and thought he’d show them all off at once – way to go!

          12. If you do read this, do yrself & the rest of us an immense favor & take a course on the IP conflict taught by a professor w/o a particular ax to grind right or left. You’ll learn a lot. Even if you don’t come to see things as progressives do, you’ll be smarter, more articulate & more in command of sources than you are now. I say this w. sincerity & no snark intended. When I was your age I too thought I knew a lot about the conflict (& I did). But I should’ve studied more in depth than I did then.

          13. Jon, I hope the educational institution at which you are a student has a remedial English class. You need it.

          14. Jon, I doubt that you even know the meaning of the word bigot. Why don’t you enlighten yourself by accessing a dictionary and looking it up? As a student you should know how to do this type of research at least.

          15. See, what was it Mary was saying? That I’m just here to “bicker?” What was that then, Shirin? Was that a serious comment made with the intent of furthering a rational discussion? At this point, Mary, I’m only defending myself from you and others’ sniping.

          16. You could best defend yourself by leaving the thread, since you don’t seem to care to discuss the blog.

          17. Once more: The discussions on this site concentrate around certain issues. To conclude from there that the people who comment here do not have the slightest concern for anyone besides the Palestinians is ‘hermeneutically’ unsound.

            It seems you have been looking around for a place to discuss your favorite topic (Haiti), and wandered up here by mistake. Please keep looking; I am sure you will find someplace.

          18. Actually, I think his favorite topic may be Israel. Haiti was a crutch to use to prove something about my lack of compassion & proportion regarding the suffering of the entire human race outside Palestine. Also, I think he wants to prove he’s a better humanitarian than I by contributing money for the poor Haitians.

          19. It’s my new vocabulary word. I’m going to see how many times I can use it today. That is, if my lack of brain cells allows for it.

          20. you gave in

            As usual, you’re full of it & yrself. My ad agency announced they were donating a free week of advertising to a nurses group seeking to send relief to Haiti. So everyone in the ad network had the opportunity to feature this ad if they wished. It was an ad, dumbo & I donated the ad space to them. If you weren’t such a snarky twit I wouldn’t feel the need to write the way I do to you. But when you start out disrespecting others as you have, you will get it double barreled in reply.

            I acknowledge no mistake & least of all from moral cretins like you. It makes me extremely crotchety to have to deal with people like you so I put you on notice that the next comment by you I find offensive you’ll either be moderated or banned depending on the severity.

          21. despite being on quite a limited income at the moment, I managed to find money to donate to relief agencies in Gaza

            SURE you did, Jon, just like I planted 100 trees in Israel last year.

        1. I wrote NOTHING about your children. The comment I wrote that read: “So perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised if your kids are suicide bombers?” had nothing to do with you

          Are you saying you wrote this about another commenter’s children? Or what ARE you saying? I read this as a comment on my own children as I take it other commenters did as well.

          blogging about the teenage arsonist that burned down one (1) mosque is pretty trivial.

          I can’t recall asking for yr editorial advice. But since you have so much why don’t you start yr own blog & apply yr editorial ideas to yr own work instead of offering it where it hasn’t been solicited. And when yr readership approaches mine then perhaps I’ll respect yr advice more than I do currently.

          I am not suggesting he should write a puff piece about the 100 person team Israel shipped out like all the other blogs have done (though of course, that is related both to politics and the Middle East.)

          You did have to get that hasbarist piece in didn’t you?? Do you think that impresses anyone here?

          1. This, like Mary’s violations of your comment rules, does not deserve the dignity of a response. But when your blog readership reaches that of the Stuff White People Like blog, I might respect it as much as well.

          2. when your blog readership reaches that of the Stuff White People Like blog

            I haven’t had the pleasure of encountering that one. But given the title it certainly says something about yr tastes, even if you mean it in jest.

          3. I’m surprised you haven’t heard of the SWPL blog. It’s a parody on white people (it was even featured in the LA Times). It’s not a parody on Archie Bunker type white people but on whiter white people. The kind that think that saying “how white of you” to other white people is the height of cleverness. You should check it out.

          4. The satire is too precious for me at least in the one post I read. But I’ll keep it in mind since you say it’s worthwhile. I prefer my political satire more pointed, more stark as in Sadly, No! It takes no prisoners & gives no quarter. Kinda like the IDF, but funnier.

          5. Jon, I think everyone here is equally unimpressed with your “comments,” which are nothing more than pointless and antagonistic bickering. You have failed to make even one salient point regarding the article that is the subject of this thread, preferring to be rude to Richard Silverstein and to myself, even going so far as to state that I have no working brain cells, or words to that effect. I assure you that I have a very good working supply of them, and as for your statement that you are a student, you certainly have proven that you have quite a bit of learning to do, not least in the matters of courtesy and respect for others.

            Richard, his comment about children being suicide bombers appears to have been directed at myself. Regardless, it is rarely that I see such completely obnoxious and unprovoked behavior on a blog by anyone. This young man is obviously completely bankrupt of anything valuable to say and has chosen the route of taunting, insulting and denigrating people on this thread instead.

          6. his comment about children being suicide bombers appears to have been directed at myself.

            Thanks for clarifying. So many previously have attempted to insinuate my own children into their insults against me or the blog that I immediately interpreted that as such a comment. Only someone who clearly has no children could make such an utterly insensitive comment.

          7. Either they have no children or are utterly sociopathic. It was way out of line. I’m sorry that this entire thread was monopolized by this person and his attempts to provoke the equivalent of a verbal fist fight. He would be better off going to digg.com; their rules are lax and the site is full of people with a mentality complementary to his.

        2. How dare you question my giving? Would you like a ****ing receipt?

          It’s so cute when you fake outrage……Oh wait, fake outrage is your default setting, isn’t it?

    4. the whole of Haiti is in COMPLETE collapse, and you have nothing else to blog about? Wouldn’t it be wise to at least put up a link to donate, like all the right wing blogs are doing?

      This is a blog about matters pertaining to Israel. Last time I checked, Haiti is not one of those matters. Everyone in the world who has a blog about anything is obligated to discuss Haiti. As for putting up a link to donate, I am quite sure that everyone who reads this blog is sufficiently aware of the opportunities to donate that they can manage to do so without Richard blogging about it or providing a link.

      But in any case it is obvious that concern for Haiti has nothing to do with your reason for bringing this up. And I suppose you can provide evidence that you yourself have made a major donation.

  4. Mary, if you’re surprised that Israel investigated and arrested someone for this crime, I suggest that you may have false and prejudiced assumptions about Israeli society.

    1. I’m surprised too. Can you tell me how often murders and acts of arson & hooliganism are investigated & result in arrests in the Territories?? Pls. Amir, spare us the righteousness. When the Israeli police start to care about settler pogrom like violence is when we’ll stop being shocked when arrests like this are made.

    2. Yesh Din has done studies on crime in the OT.

      It confirms Mary’s shock that Israel would investigate it’s societies crimes.

      Did Israel cooperate with Goldstone? No.

      I mean, it’s not like Mary is out of line.

      Read the Yesh Din studies.

      I think it’s you that has ignorant assumptions about Israeli society.

    3. amir, I do not have any false and prejudiced assumptions about Israeli society. I have very close friends living in the West Bank and the Gaza strip, and I think they provide me with plenty of information about what it is like to live as Palestinian Arabs under occupation.

      Yes I am surprised, and we don’t even know if there was an “investigation.” It is more likely that one of the young man’s friends informed the police. At least he was arrested, and not shot in his home, as has been the habit of the Israeli military lately.

      There is no way in the world you are going to convince me that there are not two kinds of “justice,” one for Israelis and another for Palestinians.

      1. And that probably indicates that it’s you who’s in the grips of an ideology. Others are at least intellectually honest enough to open their minds to the possibility.

        1. Speak for yourself when you refer to intellectual honesty. I doubt you even know the meaning of the term.

          If you are going to make comments on my remarks, kindly refrain from non-specific statement. I find them to be intellectually DIS-honest and uselessly provocative.

  5. Well, I’m not surprised. When people find themselves surprised, it may be a sign that they need to rethink their understanding of the world.

    1. Then you agree with me that the arrest of the grandson of a radical right wing Jewish terrorist for this crime was not a surprise.

  6. Mary – I don’t know that Kahane qualifies as a terrorist. Kach was designated a terrorist group by the US four years after he was murdered. But other than that, I see nothing surprising about this arrest.

    It sure does seem to me that this blog loves using the term “Jewish terrorist”. So I did a little google experiment. The term “Muslim terrorist” appears in this blog 6 times. The term “Jewish terrorist” appears 1,230 times. WOW, that is revealing.
    These are the searches I did:
    “jewish terrorist” site:www.richardsilverstein.com
    “muslim terrorist” site:www.richardsilverstein.com
    The quotation marks, of course, are critical.

    1. Your terms are entirely bogus. I have never used the term Jewish terrorist 1,230 times in this blog. Never. A Google search may have come up with 1,230 results but what you (you’re not ordinarily this dumb so I’m surprised at this) have neglected to realize is that most of these results are duplications. Don’t you know how Google works?? By my own guesstimate, I may have used the phrase Jewish terrorist 100 times, possibly, probably far less. As for Muslim terrorist, what you’ve again stupidly neglected to understand is that I normally don’t refer to terrorists by their religion but rather by their ethnicity or nationality. So if you did a search on ‘Palestinian terrorist‘ you would probably find as many or more results listed here (actually 143, I just checked–but again a number of these could be duplications). Pls. don’t ever try going into the field of literary or linguistic analysis. Your imagination is so narrow that you’d do very poorly.

    2. Interesting, because I don’t think I’ve used the term “Jewish terrorist” more than 4 or 5 times in my whole life. And besides, it’s not my blog. Are you trying to make a point here? As for Kahane, “Jewish terrorist” is an apt description, just as “Islamic terrorist” aptly describes Osama bin Laden.

      To my mind, Kahane was a terrorist because of his ideology, which resulted in his group becoming violent and committing terrorist acts.

        1. Would you consider Yitzchak Shamir, Menachem Begin or Yitzchak Ben Zvi (1st pres. of Israel who arranged for assassination of his fellow Jews I might add) Jewish terrorists? To the extent you would agree w. that term I would agree w. considering Yasin an Islamic terrorist. Though I might add that Yasin had a respectful dialogue with Rabbi Menachem Froman who I respect. So I think that whatever Yasin did, he had in mind the need for an eventual resolution of the conflict on compromise terms.

          1. Sheikh Yassin was actually one of the moderate Hamas leaders who were open to a mutually-agreed-upon resolution to the conflict. This made him dangerous, and necessitated his murder by the Israeli government.

      1. I was hoping mary would respond to my question since she defined terrorist, in the case of Kahane, as someone whose group committed terrorist acts. I’m curious if under the same criterea she considers Yasin a terrorist.

        Shirin, does your answer mean you don’t consider Yasin to be a terrorist?
        BTW, can you name one Palestinian you would consider a terrorist, as it relates to the Israeli/Arab conflict?

        1. Ok Amir, I will respond to your question.

          No, I do not believe Sheikh Yassin was a terrorist. I find his life to have been extraordinary, in fact, and his murder was an act of terrorism committed by the State of Israel.

          1. mary – Am I to understand that you don’t consider bombings such as the bombing of the Tel-Aviv Dolphinarium where 21 Israelis, mostly teenagers, were murdered to be an act of terrorism?

  7. While all crime is upsetting, When a person of only 17 years of age is the perpetrator, it seems sadder to me.

    I am glad that he was arrested.

    My background is social work.

    Last night a young person was shot to death in my city. The year is less than 3 weeks old and there have been 2 homicides.

    When Kahane, the elder, spoke in Providence, some 20 (? More?) years ago, I was part of the small loud group who confronted him and his hosts. He laughed.

    I think that the apple does fall far from the tree sometimes.

    My maternal grandfather was a professional McCarthyist. The father of one of my mother’s closest friends, Abe Feller, who worked for the League of Nations, killed himself when his Name was tainted.

    1. Yes it is sad, especially when a hate crime is committed by such a young person. I am sorry that he became a beneficiary of a legacy of hate.

  8. Shalom to all

    Amir what do you call Yigal Amir ?

    If the words Jewish terrorist upset you may I suggest religious Right wing terrorists , bit of a mouthfull but it does describe Kach and Yigal Amir very well .

    1. I don’t have a problem with the term Jewish terrorist. Teitel and Zada (not Zenda) are good examples.
      I wouldn’t call Igal Amir a terrorist. He’s a political assasin. That’s also bad.

      1. amir,

        The cynic says: One person`s terrorist is another`s freedom fighter.

        Yigal Amir hero worshipped Baruch Goldstein , he was the same as Teitel and Zada …… he was and is Kach .

  9. I love ‘heuristically’ myself too. A combination of the two in one sentence would require a LOT of braincells!

    1. Many more braincells than poor Jon appears to possess if his unfortunate attempt to combine his three new words is any indication.

    1. mary,

      Yitzhar is a Kach stronghold .

      “” Bat Ayin is a stronghold of Jewish religious and political extremism, composed mainly of “born again” Jews who have come to the West Bank with a far-right ideological agenda. This is borne out in the fact that in the last election, 51% of the settlement’s votes went to Herut (a party that did not receive sufficient votes in the last election to get into the Knesset, and whose hard-line positions flirted with political ideas associated with Meir Kahane’s outlawed Kach party). Bat Ayin is second only to the Nablus-area radical stronghold of Yitzhar in terms of support for the far right. “”

      Source: http://www.peacenow.org.il/site/en/peace.asp?pi=62&docid=1549

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