8 thoughts on “Iran-Israel OpEd JTNews Refused to Publish – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Kudos for the effort. Sanctions will not work against Iran, and I feel that we could gain their confidence if we actually supplied them with highly enriched uranium. A nuclear armed Iran could force Israel to comply with all relevant UN resolutions, including UN resolution 194, guaranteeeing the right of return for the Palestinian people. A nuclear armed Iran would allow Iran to do the heavy lifting, thus preserving Obama’s political capital at home. It is a pity that you have seen me as a competitor rather than a collaborator, but such is life. Anyhow myself and our New Judaism supporters will be out in force to lend support to the efforts of J Street

    1. I don’t see you as a competitor, but as a fraud. You’re not who you say you are & certainly not a rabbi. And you’re a liar to say you’re a friend of J Street which has no position on the right of return. You’re a troll and agent provocateur prob. sent by hasbarists to discredit the good.

    2. Well that UN resolution thing is the funniest reason I have read why Iranian nuclear program should be stopped. Equally could be said that the nuclear bombs of Judaism are used not to comply with all those numerous UN resolution. Well in a way they are.

      An interesting point for Rabbi Jutner to ponder is why Pakistan’s nukes have not made Israel to comply and why would Iran’s bombs be different in that aspect. When that pondering is done he can continue figuring out on what general moral basis 5 million Israeli Jews are allowed to have more nuclear weapons than China has and hundreds of millions Arabs and Iranians not a single one.

      1. I think you misunderstood the commenter calling himself Jutner. He wants Iran to have nuclear weapons & believes that somehow they will force Israel to resolve the Israeli-Arab conflict on terms more favorable to the Arab nations.

  2. Growing up in England I was familiar with the common expression “I’m all right Jack” which even became the title of an excellent Peter Sellars film. The phrase aptly describes, in my opinion, the attitudes of the U.S. and Israel and other countries which already have nuclear weapons and don’t want Iran to have theirs.

  3. Richard,

    I believe you are correct about our friend, Jutner. He’s been peddling the same provocations over at The Forward. He gave himself away when he complimented me. Nobody ever does that. Definitley some sort of operative. Unfortunately not a very good one. Someone should speak to HR over at the Foreign Ministry. What are you gonna’ do, its hard to get good help these days, what with everyone smoking torah scrolls.

    1. I don’t even publish his comments any more. He’s a nutter & his comments stink to high heaven. When you’ve been doing this as long as I have you get a sense of commenters & whether they’re being duplicitous. This guy is.

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