6 thoughts on “Israel and Neocons: Selling Regime Change Again (This Time, Iran) – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Gulf War I sold to the stupid masses:



    And of course, TIME will laud an Iranian protester throwing rocks at our ‘enemies’ while a Palestinian protester throwing rocks at our ‘friends’ for much better reasons is unreported and even condemned.

    Chomsky’s ‘Manufacturing Consent’ documents this in full by showing that we have ‘benign bloodbaths’, ‘constructive bloodbaths’, and ‘nefarious bloodbaths’.

    The Western body politic is corrupt and broken.

    1. TIME will laud an Iranian protester throwing rocks at our ‘enemies’ while a Palestinian protester throwing rocks at our ‘friends’ for much better reasons is unreported and even condemned.

      Tony Karon, who writes Rootless Cosmopolitan, is a senior TIME editor. What you say may be generally true & I realize you were only using TIME as an example of media negligence, but one has to be careful about generalizations since there are exceptions like Tony.

    2. I don’t know who won the election.

      What I do know is that Israel murdered over 1400 civilians and the media or the president did not call for “an end to violent repression”.

      In Egypt hundreds protested the economic policies and corruption of Mubarak for years, and the media did not call for support of the demonstrators, nor did it warn Egypt against brutal repression of them.

      We have not seen any coverage of indigenous protests in Peru against the Free Trade Act. We have seen virtually no coverage of hundreds of thousands of protesters in the Republic of Georgia.

      The people of Niger Delta have been protesting Shell for years (as covered by DemNow), where is the media coverage?
      Where is the twittering?
      Where is the meeting with the President?

      Finally, as Matthews Cassel points out in Electronic Intifada, “for years, Palestinians have organized weekly nonviolent demonstrations against Israel’s wall in the West Bank. Each week protestors face the heavily-armed Israeli military and are beaten and shot at with rubber-coated steel bullets and tear-gas canisters, sometimes fatally.”

      This has escaped the notice of the media and the president, the latter called for “Palestinians to reject violence.”

      The photos of Gazans burned by white phosphorous were too grisly to be on TV, not so the image of the dying Neda, a “symbol of protest”.

      Rachel Corrie? Not so much.

      It is true that the ‘enemy of my enemy is my friend’ is simplistic and not necessarily true.

      Nevertheless, if I find myself in bed with Madeline Albright, Paul Wolfovitz, and Joe Lieberman –
      [UGH!! there’s a horrible thot]
      ie sharing a political position with –
      for me, that’s going to raise a Red flag.


      1. Interesting comment by Glenn Greenwald:

        “For the last question at his press conference yesterday, Obama was asked by CNN’s Suzanne Malveaux about his reaction to that video {of Neda} and to reports that Iranians are refraining from protesting due to fear of such violence. As Obama was answering — attesting to how “heartbreaking” he found the video; how “anybody who sees it knows that there’s something fundamentally unjust” about the violence; and paying homage to “certain international norms of freedom of speech, freedom of expression” —

        Helen Thomas, who hadn’t been called on, interrupted to ask Obama to reconcile those statements about the Iranian images with his efforts at home to suppress America’s own torture photos (“Then why won’t you allow the photos –“).

        The President quickly cut her off with these remarks:

        THE PRESIDENT: Hold on a second, Helen. That’s a different question. (Laughter.)”


        “The premise of Thomas’ question was compelling and (contrary to Obama’s dismissal) directly relevant to Obama’s answers: how is it possible for Obama to pay dramatic tribute to the “heartbreaking” impact of that Neda video in bringing to light the injustices of the Iranian Government’s conduct while simultaneously suppressing images that do the same with regard to our own Government’s conduct?”


  2. Yea I mean it in the sense of practicality. It’s not true that all of the MSM behaves this way all the time.

    It’s more of a ‘first approximation’ as Chomsky puts it, in relation to his propaganda model.

  3. I forget now; but wasn’t a fair amount of the media coverage of the first Intifada fairly positive?

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