8 thoughts on “Mitchell Cancels Paris Meeting With Bibi – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I think Bibi will accept your “woodshed” any day of the week. What has Obama accomplished besides weak posturing? The settlements are ever growing. Israel is getting every penny of aid they were promised by the US.
    The Palestinians are not any closer to a state.
    Bibi’s coalition is as solid as ever.

    1. You’re blowin’ smoke as rightists often do.

      Bibi’s coalition is as solid as ever.

      You clearly know very little about Israeli politics or are engaging in wish fulfillment. This coalition is incredibly unstable & will rock at the first wind that blows their way. As soon as Bibi makes a peep about actual settlement freeze, withdrawal or territorial compromise everything will fall to bits. And if Bibi doesn’t do these things he’ll be frozen by Obama which the Israeli public will not accept as it didn’t accept when it happened to Shamir w. Bush I or Bibi w. Clinton.

  2. Grendal, it seems to me you are blaming Obama for the actions of our Senators and Representatives. Continued attention needs to be focused on those who represent some part of the public, if not all, by actions such as meeting in rooms too small for public participation when allocating funds for Israel.

    1. Regardless of our corrupt Congress, Obama could enforce the Arms Export Control Act to block our military aid to Israel until they give up their conquest of what little of Palestine is left. He could go even farther farther to impose sanctions against Israel though the UN. Perhaps he is keeping such actions in consideration for latter, but at this point I’ve yet to see any evidence of him being willing to go further than talk.

      1. Kylebisme – Is it possible for Obama, as an individual (even though he is President), to take such actions?

  3. RE: “…if you don’t believe me ask the French who were preparing for the meeting.”

    SEE: “Sarkozy asks Netanyahu for ‘total freeze’ on settlements”, AFP, 06/24/09

    (excerpt) PARIS (AFP) – French President Nicolas Sarkozy on Wednesday asked Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu to impose a “total freeze” on Jewish settlements in the West Bank.
    However, the hawkish leader, on his first visit to Europe since taking office in April, replied that “normal life” goes on amid international pressure for direct talks with the Palestinians.
    “The president of the republic called on Israel to immediately take all possible measures to encourage confidence” in its talks with the Palestinians, “beginning with the total freeze of settlement activities,” a French presidency statement said…

    ENTIRE ARTICLE – http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/20090624/wl_mideast_afp/mideastdiplomacyisraelfrancesarkozy

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