12 thoughts on “Democrats Abroad Calls ‘Feel the Hate’ Video ‘Drivel’ – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Seems that Blumenthal’s video has been a too dramatic and revealing for Israel’s defenders. Surely one can say that the views of the drunken US Jews in the video do not represent view of “everybody”, but if that “everybody” is the criteria for documentaries and interviews then 99.99 percent of them can be condemned as “drivel” and “hate material” because they represent only some individuals’ views.

    An equal interview of drunken European (or US) Nazis expressing their views of Jews should be bypassed as “drivel” and “hate material”. One thing is certain, those who now condemn Blumenthal’s video would never condemn such a “Nazi-video” with equal terms as they do now, on the contrary they would be the first to say the video proves how anti-Semitism is spreading in Europe (or in USA).

  2. Nice point, SimoHurtta, I’ve noticed the incredible hypocrisy in that regard as well. And I’ll bet anything that the biggest dismissers/down-players of the Blumenthal video were the first to jump on the drunken Mel Gibson’s rantings as evidence for the dark festering underbelly of American anti-Semitism. Rational and logical coherence seems to be lost on a lot of these groups, whether it’s Meretz, the ADL, the AJC (our vapid MSM goes without saying, of course).

    1. Generally news organizations go where a story is whether it’s a bar or anywhere else. Besides, Max Blumenthal is not the NBC Nightly News or Tom Friedman. He’s a blogger-journalist with a nose for a good story, which this is.

  3. You got the story wrong. The Police Officer in the Gibson drunk driving arrest is Jewish. People tend to be more sensitive when it’s their own group being criticized.
    Why should a celebrity be open to public ridicule but not a kid in a bar? Because he is a celebrity and that’s the price you pay for celebrity. If Gibson was a non celebrity his anti Jewish remarks would never have made the papers.

    1. The Police Officer in the Gibson drunk driving arrest is Jewish

      That is completely untrue. I wrote about this story in great detail when it happened. The police officer was NOT Jewish.

      Most people could care less what a drunken celebrity has to say. But when the drunken celebrity spouts anti-Semitic nonsense, THAT’S news. Just as a Jewish right wing teenager spouting racist nonsense is news as well. Max Blumenthal happened to be there to get the story. Good for him.

  4. ???

    After the incident, Officer James Mee spoke to several reporters, telling them he’s Jewish. Do a google search.

  5. In a neat bit of casting, it turned out that Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy James Mee was indeed a member of the tribe.
    http:/ / www. forward. com/articles/8352/

    Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy James Mee, who is Jewish, said that he considered it a routine arrest and did not take any comments made by Gibson seriously.
    http : // wcbstv. com/national/Mel.Gibson.Jewish.2.270822. html

    http: / / www. msnbc.msn.com/id/14126810

    In the pages, the deputy, who is Jewish, reported that Gibson made a statement blaming Jews for “all the wars in the world” and then asked the deputy, “Are you a Jew?”
    http :/ / articles.latimes. com/2006/aug/01/local/me-gibson1

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