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  1. Richard, I think you overlook a very important progressive source; Rabbi Michael Lerner and Tikkun magazine. Of course, I know its not technically a “blog”, but it does have an on-line presence.

    1. I deliberately did not include Rabbi Lerner, though I respect much of what he tries to do. He does not write a blog, not “technically” or at all. A blog is quite different than a website or a magazine. We bloggers are trying to do something different than that. We’re trying to build an online community and engaging with our readers on a daily basis. We’re trying to cover the I-P conflict on a daily basis and sometimes even a minute by minute basis. That’s how we’re different.

      1. Actually Tikkun does have a blog! I am the Web editorial intern at Tikkun and I run the blog, in addition to our social media sites. And part of my daily routine is trying to create a community and a place where people can engage and discuss many issues (largely the I/P conflict) that are often too ‘touchy’ or controversial and are therefore overlooked. Though I understand the difference between Tikkun’s publication and other notable progressive Jewish blogs, I do believe our blog allows for some great voices to be heard and Rabbi Learner is a main one of those voices on our blog. Just wanted to say my piece! (And not to seem overly pushy… buuuuut if you haven’t yet checked it out, our blog is http://www.tikkun.org/tikkundaily/).

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