7 thoughts on “Republican Pro-Israel Witch Hunt Against Chas. Freeman – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. This is just so stupid by the Republicans and pro-Israeli hawks; there is loads of Saudi money washing around, quite a bit of it in Washington and a fair bit of it with influential groups and invidividuals that cut across party lines. No way will this be taken seriously.

    As you imply, they gotta come up with something better than this.

  2. Well, here we go again. This just posted today, March 5th, in Josh Marshall’s TPM:

    “Senator Charles Schumer has privately expressed concerns directly to White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel about Chas Freeman, the Obama administration’s pick to head the group that prepares some of the intel community’s most politically sensitive assessments, a person familiar with their conversation tells me.

    ”Obama’s choice of Freeman as head of National Intelligence Council — which has aroused opposition because of his strong criticism of Israel and other things — signaled that the President isn’t afraid to buck the pro-Israel lobby and the neocon critics who aggressively opposed the Freeman pick.”

    Apparently the neocons and other such misfortunes are alive and well on both sides of the aisle. Indeed, let’s continue to ply that alcoholic named Israel with all he can drink, especially now he’s determined to drive off into a full-blown Biblical sunset.

  3. Wow! Having never heard of Chas Freeman I just read his Wiki entry. Not the most reliable source, but frequently a good place to start.
    I have to say I am more than a little surprised, really quite astounded. Hilary’s efforts so far have been distinctly underwhelming. She would not have described the destruction by the PA of 80 Israeli homes around Jerusalem as “unhelpful”. The US needs to choose between being a partisan or being a mediator. In that respect I have much higher hopes of George Mitchell who demonstrated himself in Northern Ireland to be a mediator par excellence.
    Chas Freeman’s nomination is a clear indication that whatever policy Obama follows, he at least wants to be guided by a thorough appreciation of reality. The contrast with his predecessor could not be starker or stronger.

  4. Wow, they are like rabid dogs . I mean , especially that Freeman`s statements on Palestine were rather moderate, and very politically correct.

    “Can someone tell this House member, one of whose responsibilities is overseeing the IRS and knowing a minimal amount about U.S. tax law, that non-profits are not required to reveal their donor lists. And I’ll make another bargain with him: if Freeman discloses his donor list, I insist that the Clarion Fund (another non-profit) reveal the donor who gave it $20-50 million during the last election campaign to smear Barack Obama and the Democrats. That’s an even exchange.” –

    Richard , i love you 🙂

    it warms my heart to find your website, it this era of misinfromation. I`m a subscriber for life 🙂
    Thank you for your excellent work

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