6 thoughts on “To the Lieberman Go the Spoils – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I am surprised that everyone has forgotten that Lieberman sat in the Leftist coalition that makes up the outgoing government, and, when Olmert was under pressure from the Winograd report which scathingly criticized Olmert for his conduct of the Lebanon II war, Lieberman helped prop up his government. Yet, we didn’t hear about all this concern about his being a “fascist”, “racist” or “corrupt” then. All the policies he advocated in the last election campaign were well know even at that time.

    Richard-I note that you have pretty much blocked all comments that disagree with your postings. Of course, this is your blog and you can decide what policy of comments you want, so are under no moral obligation to post this, either. I am writing it simply to remind you of these facts about Lieberman, and the “two-faced” policy of Left and its allies in the Israeli mass media. I would, however, be interested to know why you have decided to change you policy regarding comments, which seems to coincide with the recent Gaza war. If you want to contact off site, you are welcome to.

    1. Lieberman sat in the Leftist coalition

      “Leftist” my arse. You really make yrself out to be totally lacking in any seriousness with such blatant rightist partisanship.

      Lieberman’s party has something like 8 seats in the current Knesset. That’s why he wasn’t as scary to as many people in the current government, but he’s a helluva lot scarier now with almost double the number of seats in the upcoming Knesset.

      I note that you have pretty much blocked all comments that disagree with your postings

      More rightist lying or posturing. There are MANY comments published here that disagree with me. What HAS changed is that since Gaza many more progressive readers are posting. So it only appears to you that your ideological chums aren’t getting published. During the war I had so many comments from both the right & left that I decided not to publish 99.9% as I had before. Instead I published 95%. I did not publish comments from the left AND right which either were vituperative or violent or racist or repeated propaganda that has been published here scores of times by earlier posters. One of the points of comment threads should be to tell us something new. Not merely to rehash arguments proffered and rebutted scores of times here before.

      If you can seriously claim what you wrote above then you simply haven’t been reading the threads.

  2. I would have thought Finance would be difficult also after the PM and Defence it is the main ministry in almost any country; also usually you can’t have somebody accused or suspected of financial corruption in charge of the countrys’ finances and financial regulation (usually).

    don’t know enough about internal Israeli politics but I would assume that one of the patronage ministries like Housing or Welfare might be a compromise; influential since they direct large subsidies and attractive for someone like Lieberman who likes to dip his fingers into the sweet jar.

  3. Lieberman has either 11 or 12 seats in the outgoing Knesset, not 8 as you indicated. He has gone up to 15 so it is not that big of an increase. The main parties in the outgoing government are Labor and Kadima which call themselves “the Peace Camp”, in addition to SHAS and the Pensioners Party which is a satellite party of Kadima. Israelis call this as “center-Left” coalition.

    1. He will be the 3rd largest party in the coming Knesset. He is much more a force to reckoned with than in the Knesset session that will soon come to an end. You called the current government “leftist” not “center left.”

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