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    Israel Goes Right: Makes It Easier for Obama

    By M.J. Rosenberg @ talkingpointsmemo – February 6, 2009

    Next week’s Israeli election will be viewed as delivering a blow, perhaps fatal, to the peace process. Powerful showings by both the Likud and the neo-fascist Yisrael Beteinu party will be read as indicating that Israel has decided to embrace extremist ideology with a vengeance……

    ENTIRE ARTICLE – http://tpmcafe.talkingpointsmemo.com/2009/02/06/israel_goes_right_makes_it_easier_for_obama/index.php

  2. a government so completely beyond the norms of western civilization that the U.S. president will recognize his obligation to bring it to heel.

    Bubele, If Israel needs to be brought within the norms of western civilisation, America is a poor place to look for help. We just invaded two countries, and are at the beginning of infinite occupations. We also decided to use torture.
    We then elected the guy with the least political capital in those areas to clean up the mess.
    Israel might want to try Belgium, or Sweden or Switzerland or something if they are trying to find the norms of western civilisation. Cause you won’t find them here, baby.
    Oh, did I mention we’re broke? Like I said, Israel should look elsewhere if guidance is what they want. Moral or economic.

    1. America’s current president engineered neither of those wars, nor did he approve torture, & I think he’ll do a relatively good job of bringing Israel & the Palestinians to heel.

      Can’t say I agree with a single flippant word you wrote.

  3. John Pilger on Netanyahu, Iran and Obama

    What the childish fawning over Obama obscures is the dark power assembled under cover of America’s first “post-racial president”. Apart from the US, the world’s most dangerous state is demonstrably Israel, having recently killed and maimed some 4,000 people in Gaza with impunity. On 10 February, a bellicose Israeli electorate is likely to put Binyamin Netanyahu into power. Netanyahu is a fanatic’s fanatic who has made clear his intention of attacking Iran.

    In the Wall Street Journal of 24 January, he described Iran as the “terrorist mother base” and justified the murder of civilians in Gaza because “Israel cannot accept an Iranian terror base [Gaza] next to its major cities”. On 31 January, unaware he was being filmed, Tel Aviv’s ambassador to Australia described the massacres in Gaza as a “pre-introduction” – a dress rehearsal – for an attack on Iran.

    For Netanyahu, the reassuring news is that the new US administration is the most Zionist in living memory, a truth that has struggled to be told from beneath the soggy layers of Obama-love. Not a single member of the president’s team demurred from his support for Israel’s barbaric actions in Gaza. Obama himself likened the safety of his two young daughters with that of Israeli children but made not a single reference to the thousands of Palestinian children killed with American weapons – a violation of both international and US law.

    He did, however, demand that the people of Gaza be denied “smuggled” small arms with which to defend themselves against the world’s fourth-largest military power. And he paid tribute to the Arab dictatorships, such as Egypt, which are bribed by the US treasury to help the United States and Israel enforce policies described by the UN special rapporteur Richard Falk, a Jew, as “genocidal”.

    It is time the Obama lovers grew up. It is time those paid to keep the record straight gave us the opportunity to debate informatively. In the 21st century, people power remains a huge and exciting and largely untapped force for change, but it is nothing without truth. “In the time of universal deceit,” wrote George Orwell, “telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”



  4. Richard, Netanyahu is a lousy campaigner and poor closer. I won’t be surprised to see him fall behind either Livni or Lieberman or both by the time the election’s over.

    Will post something on this tomorrow (Sunday)

  5. “It’s becoming clearer and clearer that far from aiding their election prospects as they had calculated, the Gaza adventure has torpedoed the chances of Tzipi Livni and Ehud Barak.”

    I think that the relevant event, regarding to the Gaza war, is not the upcoming elections but the next elections, and the relevant actors are Barak and Olmert, but not Livni.

    In this respect the Gaza war is still expected to be a success. It already pushed Obama to give a high priority to the Israeli-Palestinian problem.

    It will probably make a lot of hard time to Netanyahu when he’ll become prime minister, which means easier comeback to the current leaders in the next elections.

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