5 thoughts on “IDF Chief Rabbi Teaches Torah to Terrorists, Advises Soldiers to Show Palestinian Civilians ‘No Mercy’ – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. This to an extent explains the increasing willingness to resort to cruel tactics that might never have been approved by an army run by Yizhak Rabin during the 1967 War when he was chief of staff.

    Given that Rabin authorised the beating with clubs of unarmed demonstrators during the first intifada I think we can perhaps exclude any concern for “cruel tactics” employed by him.

    Israeli tactics have always relied on disproportionate force, with unarmed civilians as frequently the targets, the policy of reprisal raids carried out in the 1950s are a clear indication of this, the Quibiya massacre being a prime example.

    It is time perhaps that this myth of the IDF as military force that did not commit persistent and basic human rights violations and atrocities be buried to rest. It didn’t just happening in 2003, or the Lebanon war of the 1980s, it has a long and ugly history.

  2. The reason for the willingness to abandon values and scruples is the perception that Israel is at war and that options for peace don’t exist.

    Once one has committed to war, the only options are succeed or die.

    When one has committed to peace, the challenge is “how do I make contact? How do I change hearts (mine and theirs)?

    The same logic applies to how dissent is conducted, though obviously only in words and not in physical violence.

  3. These criminals wear the labels of Rabbi, Imam, Pastor or Pundit, but they are no good bums. Please separate Judaism, Jews and Israel from the criminal minds who may wear the labels, but have not gotten the religion in them. It is time for the majority to speak up and not let these rogues malign their nation and their religion. All it takes for evil to continue is for good men to do nothing. Muslims have continuously condemned the rogues among them, now the Jews need to take this up. All of us need to speak out against the rogues among us. Mike Ghouse

  4. Certain elements that have previously commented on this blog have railed against Golus Jews for not moving to Israel in mass numbers, and for having a “Galut mentality”. Yet they wonder why we aren’t so enthusiastic about moving to a place tainted with the worst elements of our own faith.

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