11 thoughts on “Michael Ratner on Gaza: American Jewish ‘Silence is Betrayal’ – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Is the tide turning? Maybe the Gaza War has awakened more voices in the US or the ‘CHANGE has come to America’ Obama proclaim is coming to fruition.

  2. Good post, bound to raise some controversy on my facebook..I agree the Gaza war was a turning point for US public opinion and critical analysis, and forcing everyone outside the Palestinian community to ask “what in the hell is going on over there?”.

  3. My wife has automatically approved of anything done by Israel. I think it is because she has some life-long friends who are Jewish whereas she has never known anyone from an Arab background. Still, she was so sickened by what just happened in Gaza and the way the American press reported it that her opinion has shifted and may never go back.

    When Brian Williams reported the Gaza death toll as a “combined total of …” totally ignoring the 100 to 1 ratio in Palestinian/Israeli killing, she now believes me when I say the US press is totally in the can for Israel.

  4. The Center for Constitutional Rights has done exceptional work in filing civil suits against Israeli war criminals – former Israeli Chief of Staff Moshe ‘Boogey’ Yaalon and former Shin Bet Director Avi Dichter for their crimes against humanity, in Lebanon and in Gaza 2002, respectively.
    These are very hard suits to win because the State Dept. has intervened in both and asked the courts to dismiss the lawsuits based on the “political question” doctrine. The Israeli embassy has hired the most prestigious law firms in New York to defend these war criminals. While both lawsuits were dismissed by the trial courts, the lawsuit against Dichter is currently on appeal in the Court of Appeals in the Second Circuit.
    Now that Guantanamo is closing, CCR should have more time to devote to prosecuting Israeli war criminals. It is with a heavy heart that I say this, but with my intimate knowledge of Israeli society, it is only these kinds of lawsuits that can deter the State of Israel from repeating these atrocities in the future.

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