21 thoughts on “American Jews Oppose Israeli Policy in Gaza – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. THANK GOD Jewish communities around the world are at last coming to their senses! Killing unarmed civilians, men, women and children with missiles, bombs, chemical phosphorus or a bullet through the head is a criminal act – A WAR CRIME. No amount of propaganda from the Israeli embassy will alter that fact. These atrocities are not done in the name of ordinary Jews and we condemn these acts. Judaism expressly forbids such terrible killings. Please use your voice to get President Obama to STOP THE SALE OF ARMS TO THE MIDDLE EAST NOW – tanks, planes, cluster bombs, white phosphorus and spare parts. Let this inhumane shameful behaviour cease – use your voice!

  2. “We affirm the rights of both Israeli and the Palestinian peoples to self-determination and self-defense, as we affirm the rights of both Israelis and Palestinians to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

    This is the most important and most potentially effective (and divisive among the progressive community) in the whole statement.

  3. Richard,

    Just curious — as the co-author of the statement (with Richard) — I wonder why you find that part of the statement “divisive.” Because it says that the Palestinians, like the Israelis, have the right to self-defense? Shouldn’t that be clear and obvious? Does any nation not have a right to self-defense, especially a nation that has been quite literally defenceless — or at the mercy of the Arab governments — for over 60 years?

    You know, the criticisms I have received about the document are from those who say that we went too easy on Israel, and that we did not take a stand against Israel’s going to war in the first place. That is true; we did not. We thought we should focus on Israel’s conduct of the war.

    But if you want to know what we feel about the whole business, then read Henry Siegman’s piece, or Richard’s synopsis. Henry is quite correct, in my opinion

  4. I am a Jew, I am not a Zionist. No one in my entire family stands with the zionist leadership of Israel. Bibi will be Israels demise.

  5. Karin,

    What happens if they came from Israel? You think that all of the Israelis weren’t born in Israel? Most of them were born there. Many of their parents and even grandparents were born there.

    Edward Said (a well-known Palestinian) did not believe in uprooting Israeli Jews from Palestine. He said that that would be fighting injustice with injustice.

    Salman Abu Sitta (a well-known Palestinian) called for Israel to resettle all the Palestinian refugees. Even he didn’t call for transfer of Israeli Jews from Palestine.


  6. Jerry, Jerry, Jerry. Most Israelis were NOT born in Israel. And most have NO ancestry in the Holy Land.

    It is true, however, that those Jews who lived in the Holy Land prior to 1948 ought to be allowed to remain there — as long as it is in and on their own property, not stolen property.

  7. It’s time Jews assimilate like everyone else. Diversity is strength. They can no longer live as separate people. They must meld with all others and shed their Jewishness and culture for the greater good.

  8. non jewish americans need to stand up to our lunatic fringe of “Evangelicals”, and muslim americans must stand up to “militant Islam” it is good to see jewish americans stand up to “radical jewish extremism”. Now we should all join together to help make our country and the world free of religious insanity.

  9. It seems like making a statement against Israeli actions is a courageous move but in what way are you risking anything? Living in the US, safely and out of harm, you make statements without living in the fire zone. War is ugly in every manifestation but hopefully you believe there are things worth fighting for…I do. We need less arrogance and more understanding.

    1. hopefully you believe there are things worth fighting for…I do.

      Yes I do, which is why I write this blog. I’m fighting for Middle East peace. That’s what I believe in. And contrary to what you claim I’ve devoted my life to this. And where do you who don’t live in Israel get off telling me whether I have a right to participate in the Jewish debate over what Israel should be? Thanks, but keep your advice to yrself.

  10. Palestine must not be divided, but it must be shared by all its inhabitants irrespective of their religion or creed, there is enough in Palestine to meet everyone’s needs, but not everyone’s greed’s, the Zionists are fighting for their greed’s, and the Palestinians for their needs, when the Zionists stop fighting for their greed’s and the Palestinians get their rights and needs, then and only then can peace be achieved

  11. jewish people have a right to settle in a place they can call their own after we have seen what 1 maniac hitler done to them but why did they let him get away with it,german people are as much to blame, human decency was totaly missing & War is a horrible state to be in so Jews & arabs Stop It & live in Peace Together or perish

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