10 thoughts on “If Wishing Made it So: Israel Claims Hamas Crying ‘Uncle’ – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. The difference is evident to you but you’ll forgive me if I believe otherwise of the intelligence agencies. They believe the only reason Hamas would agree to a ceasefire is they’re whipped. And they’re not.

      I believe Hamas will agree to a ceasefire when they perceive it is in their interests to do so (the same can be said for Israel). So the world community will have to present them a package that has something in it for them. If Israel can’t come up with concessions that provide that then Hamas can hold out for a long time.

  1. The “something in it for them” will allow Hamas to claim victory, regardless of the rubble all around. This is what happened with Hezbollah in So Lebanon.

    A ceasefire on the terms you describe being discussed does not begin to get to the further issues that will continue to fuel the violence. The situation is inherently unstable. Israeli’s will be very content to go about their business in quiet until Hamas will figure out another way to continue the ( violent) struggle.

    BTW did you read Tom Segev’s article in yesterday’s
    Washington Post? In case you did not:

    Peace is No Longer In Sight

  2. Richard-
    What happened with the two rallies by Jews in Seattle regarding the Gaza War?

    Segev’s article is interesting, it reflects what I am hearing in Israel. One correction that should be made, though, is that while it is true that the Muslim/religious influence on Arab policy regarding the Arab/Israeli conflict is not doubt increasing, the national religious component of Israeli society which provides the ideological backbone of the Judea/Samaria settlement movement has been marginalized politically. They were completely shut out of the current government coalition, and even if Netanyahu and the Likud win the next elections (something that is not so obvious if it is perceived that the current war ends positively for Israel), Bibi has already said he will form a coalition with the Leftist Kadima and Labor parties which will again effectively shut them out of power in that coalition as well.

    1. Bibi has already said he will form a coalition with the Leftist Kadima and Labor parties which will again effectively shut them out of power in that coalition as well.

      Go and read Gershom Gorenberg’s essay in American Prospect about how Moshe Feiglin and his minions have hijacked Likud right out from under Bibi’s nose. F’s allies won prime spots on the Likud list. And they are all settler supporters. The settler movement has definitely not been marginalized. Since you support the settlers why would you even attempt to make such a half-assed claim?

      You keep calling center-right parties like Kadima “leftist” which only reveals your right-wing views. Kadima is no more “leftist” than Ariel Sharon was.

  3. I read a book last year called Curveball by Bob Drogin. In that he exposed the voluminous amounts of old or bogus information Mossad supplied about Iraqis so-called WMD – it was dated 1995.

    I wonder if that is why they make ludicrous assertions like the last paragraph in this sort of mea culpa about the school massacre.


    I particularly love the second to last paragraph – they must be lying because we only managed to kill three of our own when we blew up the wrong house with our “smart” bomb.

    In Qana of course the claim was that the rocket was in the house, there were bombs inside the house, the children didn’t really die, but really it was –“oops got the wrong place” too damn bad about the women and kids.

    In Baalbek it was ‘we thought it was a terrorist bunker” turned into “oops, it was just a farm”. Too bad about the dozens massacred.

    In Beirut it was “Hezbollah infrastructure” which was schools, hospitals, roads, bridges, farms, cars fleeing, mosques and even a century old synagogue and crops and farms littered with cluster bombs.

    Anyone out there still believe the liars and freaks in the IDF?

  4. Why are you so desperately eager to believe that the Israeli officials are wrong? Would it be a disaster if they are right? I doubt it.

    1. I am not “desperately eager” to believe Israeli officials are wrong or lie. But I’ve been observing and documenting their behavior for decades. My impressions are supported by all too much bitter experience. You rarely go wrong doubting an Israeli claim in the midst of conflict with the Palestinians. In addition, after years of sniffing out such statements you get a good sense of what is likely true and what is bullshit.

      I wish the Israelis could be believed. It would make my life as a blogger easier (though not as interesting). Israel has a distinct policy that distortion, exaggeration & outright lying in pursuit of national interest is just fine. Bush had the same policy which was one reason I detested him.

  5. The settlers are facist from Russia and Chechnya and other eastern block countries mostly. Utterly vile people.

    I note the “democratic peace loving Israeli’s” have banned the arab parties from the lections, started to lock non-fighters in isolation for a couple of weeks, still ban the media and keep ignoring the UN.

    I wonder what a rogue place like North Korea would do.

  6. I also meant to say I love the albums you have shown. I am the world’s biggest Springsteen fan and can’t wait for next weeks new album.

    Obama will be inaugurated on my birthday Australian time.

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