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    FROM ABOVE: “Pres. Bush refused to give Israel authorization to use U.S. weapons and controlled air space that it would need to attack Iran.”

    ME: Did he then approve this sadistic Gaza slaughter as a consolation prize for Israel?

    Children of a Lesser Allah

    by Jeff Huber @ military.com | January 08, 2009

    …Never tired of watching its own horror show, the Bush team is reprising the scenario it ran in Lebanon: Cheney goads Bush into giving tacit approval for Israel to launch a military offensive against a group of sand denizens who, in terms of relative firepower, amount to an ant colony. Kondi does her hair up like a fright wig and drags out the ceasefire process until Israel a) has killed all the sand denizens it wants to kill or b) starts getting its tohkes kicked by the sand denizens and wants mommy to make them stop it…..
    ENTIRE POST – http://www.military.com/opinion/0,15202,182557,00.html

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