6 thoughts on “Gaza: Getting It Right – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. It’s not true to say there’s been an 18 month siege. When the rockets haven’t been falling, the crossings have been opened to an average of 90 trucks a day.

  2. Another person getting it right:

    Jonathan Ben-Artzi, Israeli conscientious objector, who also happens to be the nephew of Benjamin Netanyahu.

    “I would say that the Palestinians are actually very nonviolent. If instead of Palestinians we had as neighbors Irish people and we had to deal with the IRA, I think Israel would have a much rougher time. Relatively, there is so little violence coming from the Palestinians and such terrible violence coming from Israel.”


  3. @Alex Stein: 90 trucks a day is a siege in my definition. How do 90 trucks a day feed, clothe & medicate 1.5 million civilians? Why not open the borders entirely and end the siege entirely if Hamas will agree to end bombardments?

  4. Sad is the word, that Isreal has had enemy’s on all side and just wants to live in peace. Sad that the people who should support them are turning there back. With missles coming into Isreal at a rate that signifies war, some people are ar saying it is wrong to try and live in peace, stop the missles.. From the Camp Davis accord to others every time a signiture would have stopped this, Palistinians backed out. If the bombs were falling on your home , lets see how peacefull you would be.

  5. i think i all should watch the decumentery movie “occupation 101 ” so that u understand that there is no one is borned violent
    if any group of people used violence that mean there is some thing worng on the way these people is treated!!!!

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