12 thoughts on “Jewish Axis of Evil: Clarion Fund and GOP – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. The main “Axis” powers in World War II were Germany, Italy and Japan. They also had as allies Hungary, Rumanian and Bulgaria, so this “axis” had 3 or more parts too. Richard, I guess they were as dumb as Bush, right?

  2. Richard,
    There will be more to come. The 990 is actually a request for an extension stating, “information necessary to prepare a complete and accurate tax form not yet available”.

    Darn tootin it’s not complete. There are absolutely no figures given for mailing, unless they mailed out all those copies of “Obsession” for 2600 bucks. Total revenue in, 1,903,000, I don’t think so! UNLESS someone else did the mailing. Question is, who?

  3. @bar_kochba132: The two main axis powers were Japan & Germany. Italy was a minor ally & out of the alliance within a yr or 2 of the start of the war. THe other allies were even less important. An axis has 2 points. I’m not saying it’s not common usage to have more than 2 entities associated with an axis. I’m just saying that to me it’s rhetorical/semantic mush.


    In November 1936, the term “axis” was first officially used by Italian dictator Benito Mussolini when he spoke of a Rome-Berlin axis arising out of the treaty of friendship signed between Italy and Germany on 25 October 1936. Mussolini declared that the two countries would form an “Axis” around which the other states of Europe (and of the world) would revolve


  4. “…They can exploit fears of Muslims and Islam to drum up American Jewish support for a pro-settler/pro-Israel political agenda”

    Though I understand why Aish HaTorah and the Clarion Fund feel the need to conflate being Pro-Settler with being Pro Israel, I’m not sure I understand why Tikkun Olam feels it necessary to do so.

    “Among the dumb concepts that George Bush created (or his speechwriters) was an “Axis of Evil” consisting of three countries. An axis only has two ends, not three. So rhetorically what Bush said seems a mangling of the language”

    Yes, I have thought a lot about that. I think the idea was to allude to (guilt by association) the “Axis powers” of WWII (the German Nazis and the Italian fascists).
    The original 1930’s “axis” was Rome to Berlin. When Japan later joined with Germany and Italy for WWII, they were still referred to as “the Axis powers” even though the axis concept no longer fit (technically). “Axes powers” (the plural of axis) would have made more sense.


    PS. – David Frum is credited with creating the “Axis of Evil” (which should have been “Axes of Evil”). All George W. Bush did was “catapult the propaganda”!!!!

  6. @Shoded Yam: “Pro-Israel” is a tricky phrase. It’s so critical that I’ve actually devoted an entire paragraph in my “About” page to how I mean the phrase when I use it. I almost always attach an adjective like “militant” or “rightist” to “pro-Israel” so readers will know that I am not talking about the avg. person who supports Israel (as I do). The Israel lobby as appropriated the phrase “Pro-Israel” which has unfortunately rid it of any useful meaning as far as I’m concerned. I don’t even like saying I’m “pro-Israel” because of the association. Instead, I say I ‘support’ Israel, which essentially means the same thing.

  7. Other available information suggests a more sinister hypothesis:
    Aish has received considerable support from all Israeli governments since the 70s.Wall Street executives have paid Aish private tutoring fees that are in the corporate espionage range.Aish’s national and international organization has the appearance of an intelligence gathering and exchange network particularly in the finance industry. (The system is rather like that of Chabad-Lubavitch only more targeted, and the personnel do not stand out quite as much as Chabad shiluchim.)The religious outreach of Aish looks like cover for more nefarious and possibly illegal activities.

    Calling Aish haTorah an arm of the right-wing settler movement does not really seem to capture the relationship, and suggests that the settler movement is more distinct from the Israeli government than it really is.

  8. In addition to the last comment, I would say that the symbiotic relationship that exists between Aish Ha Torah and the Israeli gov’t is a paradigm repeated many times over, a fractile of a behaviour pattern representative of the byzantine inner workings of the Israeli political establishment as a whole. Though AIPAC, et al, are usually quite adept at blowing smoke up everybodies ass, for the past year they’ve been hard pressed in spinning the spectacle of this confluence of American Jewish influence peddling and Israeli greed as the corruption of Olmert has been presented play-by-play by the Israeli and international press.

  9. Richard,

    I read you’re “About” page. I’d like to apologize for a certain lack of erudition in regards to the my post questioning you’re characterization of “pro-israel”. Point taken.


  10. @Shoded Yam: Not at all. No need to apologize. It’s a perfectly fair and important point to make. The phrase is a very complex & problematic one because of the ways in which it has been misappropriated.

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