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  1. I have put this post up on Digg.

    I fear that, even if Obama wins in Nov., we will see much more of this type of hatred, especially as the economy turns downward.

  2. Hopefully, McCain and his entire group of neocons — who will only be satisfied when the US is at war with the entire Muslim world of 1.4 billion people in 57 countries — will go down to defeat in November. The neocons realize that the Republicans will finally drum them out of the party, so they are desperate.

  3. Interestingly, looking AIFD’s 990 up on Guidestar reveals that for the three years they filed, 2003-2006, they asked for extensions, each time for the same reason: “Awaiting additional information to complete a complete and accurate return”

    2006 shows that their budget to be for the year

    Bank charges 17
    Consulting fees 100
    Licensing fees 10
    Supplies 244
    Website Development 2,275

    So, Jasser sets up a 501(3)(c) with not much at all on the books, “dues” (from who?) are the main source of income, no travel expenses noted, he just does it all out of the kindness of his heart and each year for three years can’t quite figure out what is required to fill out his “charity’s” 990.

    Gada, his wife is listed as “director”, Aiche is apparently his mother. All in the family.

    There is a “vice president” noted, Zakwan Alzein, not much to find on him except for a political contribution to Sydney Hay, Republican candidate, donation $250

    Sid Shahid is listed on the AIFD’s website as a “research fellow” Did he fill out an application and receive a grant? No records in the three years of 990’s did he receive any monies from AIFD. What a lofty title for this guy.

    In 2004 the vice president of note for AIFD was Asim Ameer, column writer for the Arizona Republic. He attended a nice fund raiser at the home of Barry Goldwater Jr. in support of Barry Wong, GOP candidate for corporate commissioner of Arizona. Note what it states:

    Last year, Arizona Governor Napolitano appointed Mr. Wong to be the corporate commissioner to fill a temporary vacant position. He will now be running to return to this position for the next four years.
    The Pakistani community as well as other South Asian communities, are supporting Mr. Wong, because they have stakes in corporate investments, utilities, oil and gas, and in-corporation handled by the office of the Arizona Corporate Commission. Mr Arif Kazmi played a key role in bringing these communities together in support of Mr. Wong.

    Too bad he’s not “VP” for AIFD any more, he could say, “the following is my personal opinion only and in no way that of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, but I throw my support behind Mr. Wong for the good of Arizona”

    Just some added info on this Republican neo-con HACK charity.

  4. I don’t get Richard’s POV on this, since he makes such a big deal about the “settlers” based on the Sternhell attack, and all the implications about what the “settlers” stand for and the extremism that exists among them and so forth. But he won’t draw conclusions about a worldwide movement consisting of tens of millions of people, radical Islam, which has carried out attacks all over the planet, 9/11 being merely the most spectacular. He makes no sense.

  5. You don’t have to guess at my opinion, Richard.

    The new wave of “Obsession” that has recently hit mail boxes in my area has spurred me on into a whole new “jihad” of my own. Even my poor old grandmother’s recent AARP mail – seniors no longer have to worry about arthritis and medicare – not even tornados and earhquakes! But, rather, nuclear, chemical and biolgical terror “preparation” tips are being sent out.

    I’ve had it with the “Islamic Terror” BS. With or without “Third Jihad”, “Obsession” was a good clue. They have to use streams of FRAUD (like “shoebat”, etc) – to shine a light on the “truth”? Ho-hum. We’ll see about that.

  6. @Yoni:

    a worldwide movement consisting of tens of millions of people, radical Islam

    Radical Islam consists of “tens of millions???” Where do you get this? There are at most a few thousand Al Qaeda types in the world. To get you to your number you have to be truly paranoid/delusional about Muslims. You’ve been watching too much Obsession.

    I wouldn’t think I’d make much sense to you. Nor do you make much sense to me.

  7. “To get you to your number you have to be truly paranoid/delusional about Muslims”

    Really? If 1% of Muslims support/sympathize with terrorism, that’s 15 million people. And it’s more than 1%.

    “There are at most a few thousand Al Qaeda types in the world.”

    I’ve seen videos of imams calling for the destruction of the West and the Jews in mosques containing thousands of people at once.

    Also, according to a Pew poll that I just googled, 51% of Pakistanis want Osama bin Laden to be world leader. That’s 90 million right there. 60% of Jordanians, about 4 million, 35% of Indonesians, another 80 million, and 25% of Moroccans, another 8 million. Thus according to Pew, 182 million Muslims want bin Laden to be the world leader from those countries alone.


  8. It’s just strange that your reactions to the attack on Prof. Sternhell and the Radical Islam are mirror images of each other:

    on the one hand, it is in fact extremist settlers who probably number in the thousands and exist in a tiny incy wincy area called the West Bank, while extremist Muslims number in the hundreds of millions and take up virtually entire countries like Pakistan. Yet you made a whole post about the danger of extremist settlers based on a lightly injured professor, but play down a documentary that talks about world wide extremist Muslims who number in the hundreds of millions and have slaughtered millions from Sudan to Algeria to Indonesia.

  9. @Yoni: Oh really this is preposterous. You’re seriously attempting to gauge the number of radical Islamists in the world by pulling numbers out of a hat???

    Just because someone has the idiotic idea that Osama bin Laden should be their leader or a world leader (and I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt in accepting the Pew poll says what you claim it does–which could be a dangerous assumption for me to make knowing yr track record), that doesn’t mean they’re prepared to kill on behalf of radical Jihad. Similary, I’ve sat through some idiotic sermons and college lectures in my life. Does that mean that every lame idea I heard there I took seriously? Just because a Muslim heard an imam cry “death to America” again doesn’t mean that person has become a human shahid, ready to martyr himself on behalf of Islam.

    Most Americans seem to believe in angels & all manner of claptrap. So what does it signify beyond the fact that they hold some strange personal ideas?

  10. @Yoni: If you mean to claim that Jewish extremist settlers are of less danger to Israel and Middle East peace than Muslim jihadis, I don’t accept the premise.

    And by the way, the only reason that lightly injured professor didn’t lose both legs to amputation was that his suitcase, situated between his body and the bomb, absorbed most of the blow. Isn’t it convenient for Yoni, who has advocated the hanging of Ehud Olmert, to minimize an assassination attempt against one of the most distinguished professors on the faculty of the Hebrew University. After calling for Olmert’s execution he also attempted to minimize the impact of what he’d said. Sorry to say it but you’re an enabler of Jewish terrorism.

  11. “AIF’s political agenda is barely concealed radical-right Republicanism (though the group has 501c3 designation):

    As United States citizens we support our American armed forces.

    As United States citizens we support absolute and literal adherence to our citizenship pledge. [in case you feared Muslims as a potential fifth column]

    …We will work to educate the public regarding the current threat to America of radicals who exploit Islam through militancy.

    …We will work to express the consistency of the principles of Islam with economic principles of free markets and capitalism.

    …We will work to promote the appreciation of the integral role of American patriotism and nationalism in the life of Muslim youth in America.

    …we feel it is necessary to make a foundational position statement regarding the state of Israel. We stand in support of the existing unqualified recognition of the state of Israel”

    I don’t know about you, but I think these are pretty reasonable demands to be made on ANYONE of American citizenship. Hardly qualifies as “radical-Republican” thinking here.

  12. Pretty amazing when you are reading a web page and see your name mentioned when you least expect it. Here is the straight skinny on Robin’s comment. In 2002, I was approached by Dr. Jasser with the idea of starting a ‘progressive Muslim think tank’. This think tank would be instrumental in bringing world class speakers to Phoenix and discuss issues pertaining to Muslims in general and American Muslims in particular. It seemed like a good idea at the time and I and a couple of others signed up for this. The fact that four members of the Board were immediate members of Dr. Jasser’ family (wife, father and mother along with him as Chairman) was a red flag. Soon it became apparent that this so called ‘Muslim think tank’ was just a phony front for a neo-con organization that was bent upon bashing mainstream Muslim organizations such as CAIR, MPAC, MAS, ISNA and others. I and two other Board members of AIFD resigned after recognizing the fact that this was a sham neo-con organization that did not have any plans for bringing about positive meaningful change. Over the years Dr. Jasser has been harshly critical of all mainstream Muslim organizations without exception. Oddly enough, his organization is the only ‘Muslim’ organization that does not have any kind of a following within mainstream American Muslims and will continue not to have a following because he is so anti Muslim himself. You have heard of self hating Jews, well here is a self hating Muslim. There is no pleasing this man unless or until all Muslim American organizations bow down to his master’s way of thinking (Iraq war was a great idea for one, never mind the losses of US soldiers and Iraqi civilians).
    If a lie is told enough times, it eventually becomes the truth. Dr. Jasser has a high profile in the Phoenix media because he presents himself as a ‘reasonable’ voice who criticizes ‘Islamists’, ‘Islamofascists’ and other dubious titles he confers on Muslims he disagrees with. He is regularly featured on Phoenix area talk shows as a ‘Muslim expert’ when he isnt remotely qualified to be one. Simply put, he is invited to mostly conservative talk shows, because he tells the host what he wants to hear, not what he should hear.
    An example, when 6 Imams were removed from a US Airways flight in Minneapolis he was critical of them for filing a lawsuit against the airline blaming them for playing the ‘victim game’. What he never mentioned was that the lawsuit was filed not for the Imams being removed from the aircraft but for US Airways refusal to let them board any flight, after they had been vetted and cleared by Homeland Security and Minneapolis Airport police as not being a threat to anyone. In addition, in a recent interview on a TV show, he said with a straight face that the Clarion Fund was a ‘group of concerned citizens’ At 4:24 of the video it gets interesting.


    You be the judge how he dances around the truth. If Dr. Jasser wants to bring about meaningful change, he should work with other organizations and do it. He is regularly denounced by interfaith groups for his extreme views. He cannot take potshots at organizations with memberships in the thousands and denigrate them when his organization boasts of maybe a handful of people? Simply put, the AIFD is a front for neo-cons and Dr. Jasser has bought into this hook line and sinker and continues to be used by them.

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