3 thoughts on “CBS Poll: Obama 49-McCain 40; Palin Tanking – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I only hope that tonight’s debate goes well for Biden. His often ill-timed inappropriateness combined with her TV likeability (when she knows what to say) could be a real positive for her.

  2. Great Headline for “The New York Times”

    “McCain/Palin poll ratings tanking like The New York Times market share”

    Not to worry, the Times will have the final laugh since they can try to give the paper away with adult chat lines advertised on the back pages a la The Village Voice since by now they have the same readership.

    As for the election, this time last year the McCain campaign was all but abandoned and that was before the advent of “Sarah-cuda” who has the ability to make “progressives” froth more than an esspresso machine on the fritz at Starbucks so you are correct not to count them out just yet.

    Remember, last time the politically astute of the world would have had John Kerry on his second term by now with the emergency airlift and fall of Baghdad and not the success of the surge being the prime election issues.

    In the 2012 debates I hope we avoid ever having President Obama being challenged about kicking the Israeli Government in exile out of their compound near Camp David (final irony) and sending Jimmy Carter to inspect the radioactive ashes while starting the next “peace process”.

  3. @Rob: I think the N.Y. Times will probably be around a lot longer than either you or I regardless of whatever crisis is besetting the newspaper business. You also neglect that all of yr beloved right wing newspapers are faring just as poorly as the “spawn of the devil” N.Y. Times.

    You’re really just shootin’ yer mouth off now aren’t ya?? You come across as a blowhard. But that prob. doesn’t concern you, now does it?

    The McCain campaign WAS abandoned last yr. He ran amidst an incredibly weak primary cohort and managed to stand out just enough to win. He’s run a lackluster campaign so far because he frankly doesn’t have much to offer the American people. It’s possible he’ll run a more competitive race as we get closer to the election. Hell, it’s even possible he’ll win. But unlike you, I don’t go spouting off like a moron as if the thing’s in the bag for either candidate.

    BTW, you’re babbling…

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