7 thoughts on “Olmert Calls for Israeli Withdrawal from Golan, Territories – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Olmert’s epiphany may seem indeed too late, but to say “the man uttering them could’ve changed history if he had done so while he still had the power to make them come true” is not exactly true. Olmert had never had a government strong enough for such far-reaching moves. Neither will Livni for that matter. For such a government to arise the Israeli society needs to undergo a serious turn-about, especially given its recent despair of the prospect of peace with the Palestinians. And let us not forget the currently unbridgeable differences regarding the Palestinian Right of Return – here, I believe, for any peace agreement to have a good chance, Israel will have to overhaul the image of 1948 and Naqba it has been cultivating and start conditioning the public to admitting grave injustices Israel inflicted on the Palestinians not only since 1967, but since 1948 as well.
    And this is why I disagree that Olmert’s word are unimportant. The public has ears and such words coming from a prime minister – even one on his way out – definitely matter a lot. They set new references for discourse, they breach new territory. Good for Olmert to utter them!

  2. @Peter D:

    I disagree that Olmert’s word are unimportant.

    I’d appreciate your characterizing my views more carefully. I never said Olmert’s words were “unimportant.” In fact, they are important though their importance is severely attenuated by the circumstances in which he uttered them. Because of this the effect they have on Israelis may not be very large despite the fact that they do represent a real breakthrough.

  3. Olmert is telling the truth now because he has nothing to lose and might gain a better memory than “forced from office by corruption allegations.”

    Zhu Bajie

  4. I tend to agree w/ellen…Peter, Dan, Zhu….and you…and…hey, you know what they say about two jews’ opinions. So, I’ll just say “amen”.

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