12 thoughts on “Seva Brodsky, Muslim Hater and Provocateur, Threatens My Life – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Richard,
    You say, ‘Unfortunately, I have to share a religion with this despicable piece of dreck.’

    In my opinion, no you do not share his ‘religion’ anymore than Dr. King shares a religion with the guy who killed an abortion doctor professing ‘Christian’ beliefs.
    For people of Brodsky’s ilk, religion is a vehicle. They have such venom and bile they must spew and they do it thru religion.

    In another day they would be crusaders, killing people in the name of God, or Inquisitors, torturing women to death for witchcraft.

    They remind me of Charles Mansion (I just saw a show where he explains his ‘world view’). They are totally sociopathic and you are right to take their threats seriously.

    They should be locked up.


  2. good question…why doesn’t he live there instead?..my guess is because here he can make an easy living off the Hannity /Malkin types who have their own agenda…There he’d just be another russian emigre schmuck who doesn’t want to work for a living…when he can denigrate and work for the Machine just like in the bad old days of the USSR..why work when he can live as a barnacle on Richard’s blog and elsewhere being a pain in the tuchas? cant teach an old DOG new tricks.

  3. Richard,

    if you’re seriously worried about your safety, and your family’s, get yourself a good dog, and get some serious training together. My step-brother, career military policeman and dog-handler, says that a dog is always better than a gun. Dogs never miss.

    Zhu Bajie

  4. he didn’t threaten you. get a grip. when you get a real death threat you’ll know it. and it’s unlikely you will since you flatter the real thugs and insult people who don’t play by the rules of honor-shame self-help justice. as for using seva’s harsh language as an excuse to demean yourself, that’s a form of intellectual failure. surely you can find something of substance. instead it’s just a bunch of insults and ad hominems.

    what, is your response supposed to show you’re a man and won’t take crap from anyone?

  5. @rlandes: What do you know about threats? Who has ever threatened you? I receive threats mutliple times every yr. I’ve reported one to the Seattle PD. Telling me he would help me commit suicide by pushing me is a threat whether you call it that or not. I don’t parse threats to try to determine which one is genuine & which one is made by a blowhard. I’ll leave that to you since you know & understand the psyche of right-wing wingnuts better than I.

    Don’t talk to me about “intellectual failure.” I’m quite happy with my intellectual & writing achievements these days. If that’s failure, it’s one that lots of other bloggers would love to have.

  6. A note about “death threats’ to Richard Silverstein:

    Seva’s offering to assist you should you decide to kill yourself was clearly facetious. I find it interesting though that for such a sensitive man, you show no emotion over the endless death threats made against Jews by Palestinian media, terrorist organizations and their leadership. Richard, do you work for a living, or do depend on support from the Arabs as a tuchas lecher?

  7. @Lee Kaplan: If I were going to create a list of the 10 or 20 most odious Jews in the world Lee Kaplan would be on the list. He wouldn’t be at the top of the list since I wouldn’t want to give him the pleasure of thinking he’s of any significance to anyone but himself.

    I’d hoped to avoid the contagion here at this blog. But now he’s brought his swill to us. Alas.

  8. I never heard of “Zhu Bajie” before.

    Thanks to Wikipedia I now think that BHO should have used the phrase “lipstick on a Zhu Bajie”.

    It would have been less problematic.

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