33 thoughts on “Anti-Muslim Film Produced by Pro-Israel Partisan Boosts McCain – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. This one smells of right-wing Jewish money. I’d venture to say something connected to Aipac, Republican Jewish Coalition, Freedom’s Watch-type donors.

    Ahhhh. the detective is on the case… no proof who’s behind it but no matter… its ok for Mr. Silverstein to tar and feather on his own blog… he’ll make an exception to his so-called rules… for a little conspiratorial accusations which could be coming right out of a Vanguard website.

    But tell me this, Ms. McNulty: are there many instances in which your advertising department was hoodwinked by an out and out right-wing scam to influence a presidential election via distributing a fraudulent anti-Muslim film to scare people into voting for John McCain? I’d hope the Times would re-evaluate their decision on this pronto.

    Yes that exception word for word is written into their rules… only when Richard Silverstein thinks a ‘right wing’ Jewish organization is trying to influence an election. You should let them know they probably didn’t realize…

    And the 501c rule your citing now as your big gotchya!!. Yes, bcs we all know that Move On.org doesn’t endorse any candidate… for all we know they could actually be supporting McCain lol!!!

  2. Thanks for blogging about this important public issue, Richard. It always means a lot when the story reaches the big blogs. Thanks to Ann at People’s Geography for getting the word out. Thanks also to my good friend Sarah Lee who alerted me at StumbleUpon at about 2 am last night, which I forwarded to Ann. Sarah Lee also blogs at Daily Kos, where I was banned for blogging about Palestine issues. She stays on top of the I-P diaries over there, so I check her SU favs every day to find out about the latest efforts for justice in Palestine. As you know, it is not easy to blog about Palestine at Daily Kos because many Zionists at there consider justice for Palestine unrelated to electing Democrats and would just as soon not hear anything about American policy that directly impacts Palestinians. So Kudos to all of those who stand up for real American values beyond whatever is expedient for political gain at the moment.

  3. Imagine my chagrin when I opened yesterday’s Charlotte Observer and that DVD dropped to the floor. I had seen info about this film many months ago. I only hope the gullible don’t watch it.

    Honestly, what will these people NOT do to advance their own personal interests?

  4. This free mailing of this film is very easily traceable back several months ago. Back in February I sat with a friend of mine, Rabbi Haim Beliak, at the Sabeel conference. He was LIVID that night over having received this dvd FREE from the Republican Jewish Coalition. He received a copy of “Standing with Israel” by David Brog in the same mailing.

    You can read the details of what Rabbi Beliak uncovered on that mailing here.

  5. @Benjamin Bratt: Moveon is NOT a 501c3. Do your homework. It’s a 527 as are many Republican/neo-con leaning 527s. It may have a 501c3 subsidiary (I don’t know this for sure). But any funds raised by this subsidiary could not be used for electoral politics. You can be sure the Bush Administration would have their ass in a sling if they were violating IRS guidelines.

  6. “Obsession” is an expose on “Radical Islam”. Note the subtitle.

    “Radical Islam’s War On The West”.

    Looks like you believe that anti-Radical Islam = anti-Muslim.

    Do you believe that anti-Israel = anti-Jewish?

    Do you oppose examining “Radical Islam”?

  7. @Edward: No, Obsession as much as claims that Islam as a whole is a religion of hate & violence. For Shore, there is no difference between a Muslim and a radical Muslim.

    I don’t oppose examining radical Islam if the examination is done fairly and in good faith, qualities entirely lacking in this film & in Shore himself.

  8. Again, the subtitle of Obsession is “Radical Islam’s War On The West”.

    NOT “Islam’s War On The West”.

    Would you disagree that segments of Islam, the Radical Islam that Obsession focuses on, is hateful and violent?

    Can you cite an section in Obsession that was untrue?

  9. @Edward: I know that title says. That’s not what the content IS. The content is a brutal smear of the Islamic religion. Period.

    Segments of Islam are hateful and violent. Small segments. About as much of Islam is hateful as is Judaism. Or Christianity.

    The entire film is a tissue of lies. From beginning to end. Radical Islam wants to overthrow the U.S. government? Puh-leeze. Radical Islam is the equivalent of Nazism? Puh-leeze. And even if any of these spurious claims had any truth–they are made in such a histrionic fashion that they can have no credibility except among those who are already true believers–like you.

  10. > Radical Islam is the equivalent of Nazism? Puh-leeze.

    Do you deny that the Islamic Republic of Iran held a Holocaust Conference questioning whether the holocaust actually happened? That was not some fringe kkk/nazi group, but an Islamic Republic (note the missing “Radical”) backed conference?

    Do you acknowledge that about 6 million Jews were murdered, a holocaust, in nazi controlled lands during WW2?

    Do you deny that hitlers mein kampf has been a Best Seller in Arab/Muslim countries and entities?


    Do you deny that the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Mohammad Amin al-Husayni was a nazi and an ally of hitler?

    Do you deny that hezbullah uses the outstretched arm, nazi style salute even today?

    Try Google Images “hezbollah nazi salute” for evidence.

    Is Radical Islam an extension of naziism?

    The facts speak for themselves.


    Unfortunately for the enemies of the Jews and enemies of Israel, the Israelis are not the unarmed Jews of WW2 Europe.

  11. @Edward:

    I don’t know who sponsored the conference. It was held in Iran. That’s all I know.

    Mein Kampf is sold in Arab countries as it is sold in just about every country in the world. So?? Are all those countries genocidal threats to Israel & the Jewish people?? Again, puh-leeze.

    The Grand Mufti was an ally of Hitler. He was not a Nazi. So?? One Arab leader during WWII was a Nazi sympathizer. What does this prove in the grander scheme of things?? And what about the far-right Jewish nationalists who were also Nazi sympathizers until 1938?? No word fr. you about that, no?

    No, Hezbollah has nothing to do with Nazism. The fact that you accept such a harebrained notion along w. the makers of Obsession only shows how completely lunatic yr ideas are.

  12. I disagree that the film is a blanket attack on Islam. It appears to be an emotional look at the terror behind radical Islamic movements. It is stated on more than one occasion in the film that the majority of the Islamic community are peaceful and do not harbor / indulge hate.

    Both Christianity and Islam have initiated religious conquests throughout history. Neither of the two are free from radical sects, in the past and today. It is true that both religions endorse a doctrine of conversion, utilizing at times peaceful, at times brutal means to accomplish saturation.

    To claim that this look at radical Islam, albeit emotionally charged, is uncalled for seems simply reactionary and under appreciative of the history of the conflict.

  13. Good people are asked to call their local newspaper, complain, and ask questions, if they received one of these CDs in their newspaper. Those who are not satisfied with the replies should consider unsubscribing.

    I personally would like to distribute a few hundred million of the CD “Zionist War Crimes”. You can watch it at


    Warning: It’s about the most disturbing video out there.

  14. I’d be interested to read Mr. Silverstein’s thoughts on the movie “Zionist War Crimes” that Karin recommended above. Maybe compare its content to that of “Obsession”. Which movie is more inflammatory, etc.

    Richard, I agree “Obsession” is heavy handed.

    And regardless who funded the Iran Holocaust denial conference, the host was none other than Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. From about 1978 onward, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion was widely distributed by the Iranian gov’t to the good citizens of Iran. That’s Radical Islam, is it not? And isn’t it a good thing to criticize it and therefore distinguish between it and most Muslims that are against it?

  15. @rundmc: I don’t speak for Karin Friedmann and she doesn’t speak for me. Got that? I have absolutely no interest in, nor sympathy for the film she’s recommending. But you’re introducing a red herring into the argument. No one is distributing 28 million copies of whatever the name of her film is to Americans in swing states, thereby trying to swing the election to the Republican candidate. When someone does that then come back & we’ll have something to talk about.

    If you have any sense of fairness or balance you’ll know that Obsesion is a piece of propagandistic garbage as a film. There are many balanced, fair analyses of Islam and its various strains including those we in the west tend to object to. I have no problem with “calling out” the more extreme, violent forms of Islam as long as the exploration of the religion treats the religion as a whole with respect. Does Obsession come remotely close to doing this?? C’mon. Of course it doesn’t. It has an agenda, one it doesn’t even attempt to conceal. It’s propaganda along the lines of Goebbels anti-Jewish propaganda. The Muslims don’t have hooked noses and crooked teeth perhaps. But the message comes across loud & clear. Islam is a religion of death and hate.

  16. “The Grand Mufti was an ally of Hitler. He was not a Nazi. So?? One Arab leader during WWII was a Nazi sympathizer. What does this prove in the grander scheme of things?? And what about the far-right Jewish nationalists who were also Nazi sympathizers until 1938?? No word fr. you about that, no?”

    Richard, the Mufti was an actual Nazi. He organized Nazi-Muslim SS squads in the Balkans that sluaghtered tens of thousands of Jews. I saw a documentary where they interviewed veterans of this Nazi-Muslim contingent, and they said that Mufti told them that Islam and Nazism are two sides of the same coin and are natural allies with a common enemy, the Jews. The Mutfi even planned on building death camps to exterminate the Jews of the middle east. And Arabs throughout the ME sympathized with Hitler and his war against the Jews, and many continue to do so. Just recently there was a stupid Egytpian news program where they interviewed the mustache association of egypt, who had crazy mustaches, they said they salute Hitler’s mustache. On mainstream Egyptian tv.
    And puhleeze: how can you compare the Mufti to Jews who supported Hitler in his earlier years? In fact it wasn’t even right-wing Jews, many Jews and gentiles admired him. How is that the same as the Palestinian leader massacring 50,000 innocent Jews in Albania and Bosnia during the Holocaust itself?

  17. @Yoni: The Grand Mufti was a leader hated by many Palestinians when he was their putative leader. After the war, his leadership was repudiated by his own people. He no more represents the views of all Palestinians than you or I represent the views of all Jews or Israelis. The Wikipedia entry on him will tell you all of this. He may’ve been a wicked man & anti-Semite. But that reflects not a whit on the Palestinian people overall.

    The number of Arabs who sympathize with the Nazis is no diff. than the number of Russians, Poles, Argentines or Americans who do so. Crazy nutcases everywhere sympathize w. Nazis. Why single out Arabs as if they’re the worst?

    You’re misinformed about right-wing ZIonists who were Nazi sympathizers. They actually met with & negotiated with the Nazis. They were not garden variety Nazi symps.

    “Many Jews admired Hitler?” What universe are you living in? Name the “many” Jews who supposedly admired Hitler.

  18. “You’re misinformed about right-wing ZIonists who were Nazi sympathizers. They actually met with & negotiated with the Nazis. They were not garden variety Nazi symps.”

    How does negotiating with the Nazis equal sympathizing with them? I’m surprised that you would say this, considering your own probable views of the benefits of negotiation with Iran and Hamas etc. Why wouldn’t some Zionists try to save Jews through meeting with Nazi leaders?

    “Many Jews admired Hitler?” What universe are you living in? Name the “many” Jews who supposedly admired Hitler.”

    What I meant was that sympathy for Hitler was not a uniquely “right-wing” phenomenon. There was sympathy on the left as well due to his socialist policies, and this presumably included Jews who would be later disillusioned. I don’t have names, I’m deducing in this case.

    (I do know that a leading German orthodox rabbi admired him as a strong leader at first, and thought his anti-semitism would wear off after being in power for a while).

  19. @Yoni: Lehi was not negotiating to save Jews. They were negotiating with the Nazis & considering allying w. them to throw Britain out of Palestine. They planned a military alliance.

    There was sympathy on the left as well due to his socialist policies, and this presumably included Jews who would be later disillusioned. I don’t have names, I’m deducing in this case.

    That’s quite a dicey deduction. The only Jews I’ve heard of who felt this way about the Nazis were the extreme rightists of Lehi. I have read or heard of NO other Jews who harbored any sympathies for them either before during or after WWII. I have not heard of the Orthodox rabbi you mention though I’d be happy to hear more if you can find further info.

  20. On the distribution copies of the movie OBSESSION by Winston Salem Journal on sun 9-14-2008
    Press Release

    Hate is not the answer. The movie OBSESSION is a fabricated hate campaign against Islam. By distributing copies of this bunch of lies, Winston-Salem’s Journal
    has tried to create distances and suspicion between America’s people, Muslim and Christian. There is no basis for the package of lies which is OBSESSION.

    Muslims are the friends of all Americans. To create suspicions about them serves no purpose.

    The wars are going on in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine. We should seek the ways of peace to end those wars. Spreading hatred here cannot create understanding or peace.

    We, the Muslims of the Triad, condemn the shameful activity of Winston Salem’s Journal This is too evil and ugly action and should be condemned by all peace loving people.

    Badi Ali
    The Islamic center of The Triad
    4930 Mary St.
    Greensboro NC 27409

  21. Karin Friedemann, Are you the same Karin Friedemann who has an article featured on nazi/klansman David Dukes website?

    [URL removed per comment rules]

  22. @Edward: Why in God’s name would you want to promote David Duke’s website by linking to it here? Are you out of yr mind? You want to raise his Google ranking by sending MORE people to his site?

    BTW, last I checked it was a free country & David Duke can choose to republish at his site whatever he likes. Just because he’s chosen to feature her at his site doesn’t necessarily reflect on her. Though it sure does get you into a tizzy.

    I am not defending her views with which I strongly disagree.

  23. Richard: My posting the URL to Karin Friedemanns article prominently hosted on the nazi/klansman david duke website is prove to your readers that Karin Friedemann shares views with david duke.

    That Karin Friedemann permits her article to be posted on dukes website indicates that she agrees with his views and is not troubled by dukes endorsement.

    If she did not agree with duke, did not want to be associated in any way with duke, she would request that he remove her article. But she does not.

    Richard, if your articles were presented on david dukes website, would you not request they be removed?

  24. @Edward:

    Karin Friedemann shares views with david duke.

    Or so you would have us believe. David Duke tried to post one of my Comment is Free pieces on his website. I don’t share a single belief in common w. him. So there goes yr theory that sharing a website w. him means I agree w. him. David Duke has an agenda. He wants to show Jews & others that there are other Jews who think as he does. What David Duke thinks or believes has no relevance to anything or anyone except himself & his followers. Those like you who make a mountain out of this molehill are being histrionic.

    The only way you will know whether Friedemann “permits her article to be posted on dukes [sic] website” is by asking her. I requested he take my article down. He refused. How do you know she hasn’t done the same thing. I had to threaten him with a lawsuit before he removed my article. Maybe she doesn’t know about the article. Maybe she doesn’t know enough about copyright law as I do. WHo knows what the reason is. Yet you, in yr infinite wisdom believe you know the reason. Because you’re just so damn smart, aren’t you??

  25. @Richard, Karin Friedemann has the same ability to find her article prominently featured on the nazi/klan david duke website as anyone else. It’s called Google.

    In her earlier message Karin Friedemann posted a link to a Google hosted video entitled “Zionist War Crimes”.

    You post the disclaimer “I have absolutely no interest in, nor sympathy for the film she’s recommending”.

    Will you also permit a link to the YouTube hosted video of “Obsession” as you do to Karins recommended video?

    You can post the same disclaimer for “Obsession” as you did for “Zionist War Crimes”.

  26. @Edward: Do you think that the only thing that a writer has to do all day is Google to find out which crazies have exploited or stolen their work to further their own poisoned agenda???

    You set the rules for your own blog. I set the rules for mine. If you don’t like my rules set up yr own somewhere else. I don’t run this blog for your benefit or to satisfy yr sense of fairness.

  27. During WW2, the Israeli Jewish terrorist group LEHI proposed fighting on the side of Nazi Germany. One of its leaders, Yitzhak Shamir, went on to become prime minister of Israel.

  28. @Christopher: I don’t believe LEHI proposed actually fighting on the side of the Nazis. They were primarily interested in fighting against the British if the Nazis would guarantee to allow for a Jewish state in the event that Germany won the war. They would in effect have become Nazi allies w/o out actually physically fighting alongside them. At least that’s my understanding.

  29. Obviously the muslim world is not fit for freedom. Too stupid, ignorant, and superstitious to handle a poorly made video by a coptic christian Egyptian who may have a legitimate complaint about how Islamist treat non-believers. Is that what the Russian Senators are trying to say?

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