2 thoughts on “Biden Takes Swipe at Aipac – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. AIPAC long ago became a complete caricature of itself; but it’s getting even worse.
    Headline today, “Joe Lieberman Helping Palin with Foreign Policy.” Well, that’s hardly surprising, considering she obviously needs help with foreign policy and McCain is close with Lieberman; and as for AIPAC, it’s obligatory for any candidate. However, here is what is so bizarre: There has been much talk of Palin’s and her husband’s links to the Alaska Independence Party (AIP) and much has been made of the fact that AIP is officially a secessionist party. But at this point in history that is little more than a symbolic issue for them; it may sound bad, but it doesn’t go anywhere. What’s really important about the AIP, however, is that it is the official Alaska branch of the Constitution Party.
    The Constitution Party is committed to a Dominionist future for America. That means not only does it not believe in the separation of church and state, but it is on the farthest fringes of the far right, supporting such things as slavery and stoning. For some time now, Dominionists, especially through the National Reform Association, headed by Howard Phillips — a converted Jew, incidentally, and one of the original founders of the Moral Majority — have been working to take over the Republican Party. I’m not saying that Palin is even aware of all this — she is a puppet. But the fact that she is on the ticket should be worrying to every decent American, and especially to Jews.
    There’s so much to talk about in this connection, but I’ll stop here — just trying to give a pointer in the right direction.
    Since it’s probably not a good idea to try to load this comment up with links, I’lll just give the titles of some articles online that you can google for further particulars.

    Sarah Palin’s Party Loyalty (The Consortium Report)
    New revelations re “stealth dominionist” Sarah Palin
    (Daily Kos)
    Not So Very Christian Conservatives (The Pink Flamingo)
    Sarah Palin and Christian Dominionist Theocracy (Talk to Action)
    R.J. Rushdoony (Racist Churches)
    [Updated] Meet The REAL Mirror Opposite Of The Daily Kos (Daily Kos)
    Operation Potomac (Bnet)
    Phillips sets tone for strategy briefing (Skip Porteous)
    Will McCain and Palin Meet Dobson Today?

  2. AIPAC’s clout is probably mainly due to connections with the Religious Right, mostly Dispensationalist Protestants.

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