8 thoughts on “Mahmoud Darwish, Palestine’s Greatest Poet, Dies – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. It is a very sad day for the Palestinian people and for those who support their cause. It feels like the day when Prof Said passed away.
    Sadder still is the fact, he was sort of in exile in his homeland then he had to pass away on foreign soil!

  2. @Michael Weis: Well, that’s the claim of the Palestine haters who try to denigrate his claim to being Palestinian. So if you’re Daniel Pipes or someone of that ilk I guess the answer is yes. But if you’re anyone reasonable, the answer is no:

    Saïd was born in Jerusalem (then in the British Mandate of Palestine) on November 1, 1935. His father was a wealthy Protestant Palestinian businessman and an American citizen who had served under General Pershing in World War I, while his mother was born in Nazareth, also of Christian Palestinian descent.

    His family fled to Egypt after his Jerusalem neighborhood was occupied by Jewish militia during the 1948 war.

  3. the loss of Mahmud Darweesh is not less than the loss of palestine. He was and still a great palestinian symbol that would not ever die…

    P.S. Edward Said is a palestinian christian thinker, though he lived in Egypt.

  4. Mahmoud Darwish had a good relationship with the Hebrew language and Hebrew literature. He liked Amichai’s poetry and kept in touch with Israeli friends, such as Yitzhak Laor. All in keeping with his ability to transcend boundaries and emphasize his political identity all in one stroke. There is a good comprehensive obituary in The Guardian.

    A great loss, indeed. But his contributions to poetry in general and to Palestine in particular will live on for a long time.

  5. Its very sad news. I was reading an article abt him (and translation of some of his poems) in a malayalam weekly, (kerala, India) MY Mother is really a touching one, and was searching over the web to get more info on him. Its realy heartbreaking to know he passed away. Oh man! how that can be? am really really sad!

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