1 thought on “Al-Arian Prosecutor Islamophobic, Provokes Blog Censorship – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Tears fell as I read what you’ve written here about the atmosphere in the Al Arian trial(s)…and don’t know where to start in affirming all that you’ve written here and previously. I regret that the key person I’d hoped to reach to learn more about how “Emerson the jihadi-slayer” got involved in the courtroom antics of Kromberg. My contact may yet get back to me before the week end ends, and will share info as soon as I do receive it whenever that might be.
    I hadn’t read about Neuwirth before, but your mention sent me off to find out who/what sort of being would be so venal towards you/your work. An outsized arrogance and self righteousness are behaviors that ought to be included in the 7 deadly sins but what the heck? there are 10 others that such bullies ignore.

    Just wanted to let you know what an abyss in information you fill and to thank you for your willingness to cover what the MSM will not cover–such as the abysmal injustice which has clung to the govt’s case against Al Arian. His spirit is strong despite the years of separation and misery and if it’s any consolation he wrote me this week that “the ordeal has been much easier to endure knowing that there are so many brothers and sisters around the country and even worldwide who’ve been inspired to act and be part of a movement to restore justice, fairness and decency to our system of justice.”
    Thank you again for your willingness to speak out against these injustices. And I’m glad to have found this site and grateful for your singularly courageous voice in these dark times. Many blessings to you and yours–shalom/salaams..Miriam

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