10 thoughts on “Seeking Jewish Graphics – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Richard,
    I can see why you would want a graphic with a Jewish theme, since that relates to your blog content, but – it can only be submitted by a Jewish graphic artist?

    So if a non-Jewish graphic artist discovered something you would not be interested?

    You’re going to say a Jewish artist is more likely to come across what you are seeking.
    Bah humbug.

    This is tribalism if I ever saw it and offensive.

    Your comment?

    1. I would agree, why limit jewish art coming from only Jews. I’ll tell you why… its because there are very few Jewish Artists actually doing real Jewish Art. Not a Jew doing a landscape, but a Jew painting real Jewish themes. Well, Jewish or Not, you are welcome to visit my Jewish Art site at: http://www.eliebenzaquen.com

      and if you want to use my work let me know I’ll be glad to help.

      Shalom to all peoples

  2. I don’t agree, Ellen. It’s not tribalism, it’s not offensive, and you seem to be quibbling about semantics.

    Richard is looking for Jewish graphics – made by an artist who works with Jewish graphics – a Jewish graphic artist.

  3. Very disappointing, Mr. Silverstein. Surely the point is the quality of the graphic submitted irrespective of the ethnicity of the person who submitted it.

    If we have got the wrong end of the stick on this one do please clarify.

  4. @I second Ellen:

    You definitely have the wrong end of the stick. I am Jewish. That is my ethnic identity. I am proud of it. I want to feature this as part of my blog. If I was Palestinian or any other ethnic group I would want to do the same thing on my blog. How will we learn to appreciate the discrete cultures of others throughout the world if members of these cultures don’t try to tell the world about them, what makes them special, etc.?

    I think any criticism of this is completely wrong-headed & I’m shocked that anyone would put me in a place where I would even have to explain this let alone defend it.

    Ellen: I only meant that a Jewish graphic artist would be more likely to know where to find such sources. If a Hindustani graphic artist found me a wonderful piece of Jewish art I’d be delighted. If an archival librarian who wasn’t Jewish pointed me to a historic Jewish source I’d be delighted.

  5. Edit
    “Surely the point is the quality of the [Jewish] graphic submitted irrespective of the ethnicity of the person who submitted it.”

    Apologies for the sloppy wording.

  6. Richard – can you tell us the dimensions of the banner (in pixels is fine) you require, please?

  7. @tangentlama: I’ve just been experimenting with the new theme and the slideshow & actually it displays images of any dimension or orientation pretty well. So feel free to pass along art, images, links, etc.

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