5 thoughts on “Obama and the Jewish Vote, Doing Just Fine, Thank You – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Right that they might have a less influence in presidential election but in the absence of other formidable voices, aren’t the “cheerleaders” who “lead” the community in Capitol Hill and the White House? Hoping J Street can make a difference…

  2. Considering this is a compliation of exit polls–probably going from late January until May–it’s not the greatest source for what the Jewish vote is right now, post-Wright, etc. The better source is the Gallup poll from a few weeks ago (I think it came out at the beginning of May and was taken all through April) which had the race at 61-32 Obama. Still not nearly as problematic for Obama as one would think from all the news coverage.

  3. @Eric:

    Good point, Eric. I read that Gallup poll. Gallup used to skew Republican in the old days. I don’t know if it has a more centrist rep these days. If it’s still skewing rightward, the results might be slightly more favorable. But at any rate, you’re precisely right that Obama is pretty much where he should be at this point in the election cycle. I hope that any journalists reporting on the AIPAC conference or the efforts of the Republican Jewish Coalition will sear these numbers in their brains.

  4. I enjoy reading your posts and am intrigued by your positions pertaining to Israel, I wonder what you think of Senator Obama’s AIPAC address and his assertion that Jerusalem should not be divided?

  5. @Tracy Allen: I haven’t read the speech yet so I won’t comment in detail. But if he said what you say he did it’s pretty lame-assed. Everybody knows Jerusalem is going to be shared (I prefer not using the term “divided” since the nationalist Israeli right uses it). To claim otherwise is going backwards rather than forwards.

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