3 thoughts on “McPeak: American Jews Hinder Israeli-Palestinian Settlement – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Mr. Silverstein – this post showing how divided Jews are re: political candidates and the Wes Clark post you linked to also showing how the Jewish Americans were divided regarding military attack on Iran – while in both cases the powerful political lobby was a monolithic, one voice, one party line organization…

    Doesn’t it show that perhaps, just PERHAPS, AIPAC and its ilk are not representing American Jews at all but rather they LITERALLY take their orders from Israel – specifically, LIKUD people?

    Just a thought.

  2. Richard, very interesting blog. I just discovered it and agree with much of what you say.

    A member of my family recently forwarded me a disturbing anti-Obama e-mail, based on a bunch of nonsense but trying to portray Obama as having a secret anti-Israel agenda. I recognized the drivel as coming from right-wingers, who seem especially hateful of Obama. I think this hate is emotional in nature, a reaction to the “young” and “change” that are at the heart of Obama’s campaign.

    I encouraged my family to consider the source.

    Obama is challenging Americans to think about what makes them great. I only hope the message will trickle down to Israel. Perhaps we will even see the rise of an Israeli Obama of some kind. Or a Palestinian one.

  3. The advent of Obama portends a future for the American Jewish elite and the organizations and agendas they represent, that is a catastrophe. The canard that Obama is a “secret muslim’ or that “he’s bad for Israel”, is simply a beard for their racism and their fears re. their futire political and social position in this country

    Simply put, peace is a non-starter for American Jews for whom an Israel at war is and has been the entre to corridors of power and influence, and have placed them at the the top of the american political ziggurat. I suggest, that there is a concerted effort by an American Jewish propaganda machine that is hell bent on depicting the State of Israel as one settler-loving, palestinian-hating, monolith. Given whats in the balance, this is understandable. An Israel that
    is at peace with it’s neighbors, an Israel that has reconciled itself to the reality of a two-state solution, an Israel that is committed to social justice for all of its citizens, an Israel not torn apart by social
    dysfunction, is simply not in the interests of American Jews, either from the left or the right side of the political spectrum. Without an Israel on a perpetual war-footing, without an Israel as a supplicant client state, without an Israel that is willing to subordinate its own interests to that of the United States, without the perception that it is necessary for American Jews to intercede with the American government on Israel’s behalf, American Jews become a political non-entity (much as they were prior to June 1967), with all the attendant loss of power and influence that would entail. In short, American Jewish support has nothing to do with Israel’s welfare, it has to do with its own.

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