3 thoughts on “Fakes, Blowhards, and Other Pro-Israel Wingnuts in Uniform – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Richard, I took a look at his site. Maybe I am still a bit mystified occasionally how your net fights develop.

    But strictly this guy, as one would expect, has a German segment. Now of course this could be done from the US but why should he?

    I followed one of his links and yo and behold found myself on the site of my fellow German (more precisely my fellow German Jewish/Israeli – axis-of-the-good-member – stout Anti-anti-American or “we-are-all-Americans-now” ideologue) Hendrik M. Broder.


    With Broder I have a strong love – hate relationship. As far as Israel is concerned or maybe culture generally I like his articles, he can be very, very funny, whenever he writes about politics he drives me up nuts.

    Could it be this was the essence in your clash too?

  2. Chuck: Sad to say but this person appears fr. what I can tell to really be what he claims to be (at least in terms of being in the service, though not in terms of being the super patriot he believes himself to be). At any rate, I’ve complained to the Wiesbaden base & given them enough that they can identity him & they’ve replied that they will investigate. This “Rohan” certainly, if he is U.S. Army, is betraying the spirit of the service in his treatment of me. I’d like nothing more than to discover that he’s a fraud & not a serving officer at all.

    Also, he uses a hotmail e mail address. He has enough “guile” to understand that if he used his real Army e mail address he’d be in even more trouble than he may get to be if anyone there does really follow up on this. And of course, it’d be terribly easy to identify him if he used such an address.

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