6 thoughts on “Israeli Supreme Court Fiddles While Gaza Starves – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Richard,
    In all fairness to the Israeli judicial system, if you’re a Jew – you will find a fairly liberal, civil rights-oriented legal system. However, a Palestinian or a human rights group petitioning on behalf of Palestinians will find a judicial system that is 99% of the time subservient to the Israeli government or Shin Bet. My conclusion is not based solely on the cases that I and other civil rights lawyers litigated in the Israeli Supreme Court but on a comprehensive reserach conducted by Hebrew University Professor David Kretzmer and presented persuasively in his book The Occupation of Justice(State University of New York Press, 2002). In one of his concluding remarks he notes (p. 196):

    “Given this perception of the political context, Israeli judges will not be neutral in judging the conflicting claims of the government and Palestinians subject to military rule. In the struggle between government policies and Palestinian arguments of rights based on justice, international legal standards, or lofty legal principles, the Court has shown a marked preference for “state arguments.” The dominant narrative holds that the state is being attacked, the authorities are trying to protect it, and the ultimate duty of the Court is to assist them in this task.”

  2. You are an anti zionist who is not interested in Tikun Olam and wants Israel replaced with a Binational State!
    s is an Anti Zionist who also wants a Binatonal State! He is a shame who was fro an Orthodox Backround and wasin Hesder Yeshiva what a piece of work. Israel has the right to defend itself against the Kassmas. Yet you and Mr s do not feel that Isrtael has the right to exist hence doe3s not have the moral right to defend itself

  3. AP, Middle East, by american goy:

    “A Hamas convened court in Gaza to answer a charge that the Kassam rockets fired from Gaza by Hamas are meant to harm civilians and that it is a war crime.

    The 3 person Hamas court released a statement, stating that ‘The Kassam rockets at fired at Israel, which is controlled by a murderous terror organization, which works tirelessly to harm Gaza and its citizens, and breaks every possible rule of international justice in its violent actions against men, women and children,’ Justice Akmullah wrote.

    ‘In war civilians are the first to suffer.’ added Justice Hekmatyar.”

  4. In light of americangoy’s comment, how sadly apt does Dr King’s statement that you, Richard, quoted: “If we live by an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth then we all end up blind and toothless.” The truly disgusting tragedy of it all is that had Israel and its all-adoring patron, the US, accepted the simple fact that Hamas overwhelmingly won a clean democratic election and not denigrated and then ignored such a result, whatever inflammatory rhetoric Hamas issued at the time (the three no’s, etc.), and instead had demonstrated intelligence and a degree of courage, then, I suspect, the unquantifiable suffering that has ensued could very likely have been largely avoided. One would like to think that maybe over the millennia humankind has learned something, but then wisdom does not seem to interfere with an ideology and its resultant outrages that I fear serve an ultimate goal of the powerful in Israel to achieve for eternity God’s insistence that there be a Greater Israel. I simply cannot imagine how any halfway ethical person would wish to be part of an unjust, rogue society, whatever its name and place. Certainly our own society here in these United States, with its military expenditure exceeding that of all other nations combined, screams for reform before its self-assigned 21st Century Manifest Destiny,, its thirst for hegemony, goes much farther in harming a good part of the world even as it denies and shrinks its own unique promises.

    1. “I simply cannot imagine how any halfway ethical person would wish to be part of an unjust, rogue society, whatever its name and place.”


  5. Yet you and Mr liebowitz do not feel that Isrtael has the right to exist

    Your first & last comment here. Needless to say it is full of lies fr. start to finish. Amazing how little people like this are willing to actually read or understand what they’re attacking.

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