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  1. Dear Richard:
    It is the likes of you who are good for all of us, Muslims, Christians, and Jew). On gloomy days – and they are legion – when it feels that the whole world (i.e., Muslims and Jews, or Arabs Americans, and Israelis), have gone totally mad, it is sometimes tempting to say; why should I care- let them finish each other off. Of course that is the wrong answer. When the times are that bad, it is reasonable people, like yourself, coming across without an agenda other than trying to find what is fair and just that are exactly what we need to help us go throught another day of grueling reality.
    I may not turn to your blog frequently as we agree with most of what you say, so i spend most of my time online studying the opinions I disagree with, so as to be prepared. But I check it when I am at a low point, to take comfort in the fact that there are still well-intentioned people who care for what is right, and what is fair regardless of their religious or ethnic affiliations. This helps me snap out of the moments when it seems reasonable to say; why should I care any more. For me, it is like finding comfort in the company of a good friend.
    I read your article on Haaretz before I came here. and as you may have expected, the comments are not very friendly, but you must have been accustomed to that by now. I started leaving a comment there defending you, but I changed my mind and decided to leave my comments on your blog instead.
    Over there, the endless list of hateful comments puts you in the league of other smart and intellectually honest people like Amira Hass and Robert Fisk who know they will take a beating every time they put down a word on a piece of paper, and they keep going on. That is not a bad company at all.
    Khaled Hamid, St. Louis, MO

  2. Khaled: Your comment moved me very much. It is both inspiring & a bit daunting to know that you have such a strong impact on people’s psyches & emotional mood. All I can say is it is supportive readers like you & all the others here & in the Haaretz Talkbacks (the positive ones, that is) who keep my spirits up & allow me to go on when I’m feeling especially low (which has been quite often lately, I’m sorry to say).

    BTW, I would love to have more Arab (including Palestinian) readers so pls. encourage people you know to visit if they can. It’s important to reach out to those on both sides of this conflict–Israelis & Palestinians, Jews & Arabs.

  3. Richard,
    Thanks, Richard, for sharing your “guts” in the search for meaning and Peace.

    This may sound a little abstract, but but ask yourself it it isn’t true if we’re to get over our global “ism” problem:

    It seems that we have to think with big constructs and practical steps to create a framework for human understanding. As one fluctuates between “gnosis” and “agnosis” in this Valley of Tears, I believe we must look forward with “Hope” in what the “Character of God” must truly be to find meaning out of the “chaos” and “mayhem” we see in this world.

    As one believer in Peace–Il Islam, Torah–the Law, and the Messianic Hope–the exemplary life of Jesus our brother/annointed one–the wonderful character of a Creator, Caring, Grace-rich, Eternal, caring God who wants His true character known to the world, I say thank you for your reasonableness and progressiive thinking about what Zion is all about. Freedom, egaiité, and acceptance of diversité is central too, separation of church/synagogue/mosque from state too if we’re gonna have an ability to discuss and design a world with the space in which to live freely.

    I may not always agree with you,but I can see you want to help create an forum for caring dialogue, but are not afraid to use whatever rhetoric is required in a progressive discussion.

    May we each day be truly Righteous in our practice of Torah, Peace, and Forgiveness.

    God is great. His people on this planet must be his greatest creation and experiment. Let us submit to Peace and peaceful discourse and problem solving.


  4. Dear Richard, I am so grateful that you blog. Indeed, my gratitude extend to everyone of you (you, Karon, “Jerry Haber”, Lowenstein, Weiss, …) who dare to explain the issues to us, gentiles included, in terms that do not lead us towards extremism or fundamentalism. Were it not for you, who knows where many of us would be?

  5. Thanks for sharing your extraordinary education and background with those of us who want to better understand the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Gene said it so well that I must repeat it — you dare to explain the issues to us, gentiles included, in terms that do not lead us toward extremism or fundamentalism.

  6. It was interesting to read the backstory about your entry into the blogosphere. I’m glad you are here. I’ve learned much from you. Many thanks.

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