12 thoughts on “Jack Rosen Props Up Pakistan’s Military Dictator – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Sheesh. Does the AJC realise that Musharraf is actually not Arab at all? Do people who are worried about Islamist extremism read enough history to know that it has flourished mainly under military dictatorship in Pakistan, and would really not be such a concern in a democracy?

  2. RS – I followed the three links on this post, and at none of them could I find a reference by Rosen or AJS to Musharraf as an Arab leader or an Arab. It appears that the title was brilliantly given to him by Richard Silverstein himself.

  3. Amir: Such tiresome snarkiness. I’ve done some research & it appears that Pakistanis don’t speak Arabic so I should’ve written the following “Rosen has adopted Pervez Musharraf as the AJC’s poster Muslim leader.” If that’s the only criticism you can muster yr snark is pretty pathetic.

    But I do appreciate the correction which could’ve actually been offered with a touch more derech eretz or have you forgotten that quality?

  4. Mamma always told me that if people are acting a certain way towards me I should consider that perhaps I am acting the same way towards them.

  5. I’d challenge you & yr mother to find anything in my post that justified Amir’s snarkiness. Also, did your mother also tell you that if you found yrself a guest in someone’s home you should insult yr host? After all, that’s what he has done as I consider this blog a home of sorts.

    I only mouth off here towards those who do the same to me first. I hope your mother didn’t tell you not to insist on respect fr. others.

  6. The Pakistani military clearly indicated that they have no interest in the fight against the Taliban and Islamic extremists.

  7. I think Richard Amir has a point and your response was out of proportion. Anyways, coming to the main topic, i as Pakistani dont have any problem with Rosen visiting Pakistan, but in such circumstances, it clearly shows the type of international interference we are having in our country these days.
    I thought an Israeli interference in my country will be the last thing any pakistani would like to see and am sure it shows the urgency of the situation we are passing through.
    As far as Pakistani army is concerned, i still dont have any doubt that fighting Taliban has never been a problem for them and when they wish to take them seriously, the world will see it for themselves.
    Right now we are having alot of interference in our country from Afghanistan, where Karzai and Indian are using their full available resources to destabilise Pakistan. I sometimes wonder if India is not happy with the good days it is enjoying in Kashmir and needs some counter response.
    As far as Karzai is concerned, he will be not more here when the Americans leave so probably thats the reason he cries in the face of his nation on televisions for he surely knows his future.
    I have no doubts that no one can dare to harm Pakistan

  8. M Junaid Khan I think Richard Amir has a point

    Amir has got a point (that Musharraf is not an Arab and neither are Pakistanis) but while we are on the subject perhaps it should be pointed out that Mr Rosen’s visit, if it does constitute “interference”, is Jewish and not “Israeli” in character.

    Separately, it is a fact that Israel has had far warmer relations with Pakistan under Musharraf. I have to say that I found it intriguing that the Western media was in a lather over the fact that the new platform of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood bars non-Muslims from the presidency:


    When that has always been the case in Pakistan. Anyone who watched General Musharraf being sworn in as a “civilian” the other day will have noticed that he had to confirm that he was a Muslim first up.

    Israeli politicians are still very fond of using “Hamas-stan” as a jibe (they used to like “Arafatistan” too), a construction I’ve always thought was racist but has even more potential for diplomatic ugliness now that Israel actually courts Pakistan and the central Asian ‘stans, enjoying particularly good ties with that paragon of democracy, Uzbekistan under Islam Karimov. If you want to see the kind of gymnastics that involves, try reading this:


    or this:


    Or perhaps you want to stay with Pakistan, in which case:


  9. it clearly shows the type of international interference we are having in our country these days

    M Junaid Khan, you are a hilarious fellow. Perhaps you would like to tell me when in the 60 years of Pakistan’s history there hasn’t been international interference? Such interference was crucial even to the state’s formation.

  10. it should be pointed out that Mr Rosen’s visit, if it does constitute “interference”, is Jewish and not “Israeli” in character.

    While you are absolutely right, Maher, & anti-Semites the world over make this mistake sometimes unintentionally, sometimes intentionally–one must also concede that for Jack Rosen, Israel’s interests and his own as an American jew may be almost identical.

  11. I think Richard helped me to answer your main observation. Anyways, i have already said that i have nothing against Jews and Christians, I do respect them for what ever religion they follow.
    Moreover, i think if you talk about host and guest thing, then i think guests do enjoy some degree of respect in the same way as the hosts deserves praise. 🙂

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