4 thoughts on “IDF West Bank Commander Censured for Human Shield Use – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. hello,

    I have not been able to follow the news lately as I have moved to Canada (from Lebanon). So thank you for keeping up the blog as I feel it bridges me back to the events of the world.

    Reading this article I will recount a funny incident I was met with 2 weeks ago. I was at a writing class where I wrote a paragraph about war (not any particular one – just human suffeirng during a war)… when suddenly one of the sudents – who knows I am Lebanese – attacks me with the remark that Lebanese, as terrorists, deserved to be bombed because they use civillians as human shields while bombing North Israel!! I was not even writing about Lebanon!! And most definately not about Israel as well… I did mention though it was 1990!! I was so shocked, I found no immediate reply on my mind…

  2. Since the best way to defewnd against such attacks in unavailable at this time, do I understand you are allowing this type shielding?

    It is not as if the IDF is using human shields as a barrier against retaliation during an attack, which it is well documaented that the Arab enemy does.

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