4 thoughts on “Jonathan Ben Artzi: Israeli Supreme Court Grants Victory to Draft Resister – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. congrtulations Jonathan! Great work … hope the trauma of the imprisonment will soon fade away and the positive results of this achievemnt stay in his mind.

  2. i salute you, sir.
    its unthinkable to take the stance you have taken, being an israeli jew, living in israel. i am sure sure there are thousands in israel with your view, but are scared to come out in the open, and i can understand that. you are special in the eyes of many. may you find happiness in your future, if not in this world, maybe in another where we all are eventually going. may your good heart beat for a long time.


  3. Hello Jonathan, a message of solidarity from an old C.O. ( I objected to national service in 1950 ) and went to prison but it pales in comparison to what it must have been like in a military prison in Israel . Your mention in Eileen Fleming’s blog
    prompted me to write . The situation re Romney/Israel/Iran is nothing short of horrific .Have you read Gilad Atzmon – The Wandering Who ? – a study of jewish identity politics ? Glad to have you in the UK . All the best ,Eric

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