11 thoughts on “Is Larry Craig Credible? – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Instead of attacking equal rights for gays and lesbians, why don’t these gay Republicans like Craig come out and admit that they are gay? What’s their point in holding public office and doing what they’re doing? One thing’s for sure. With Craig and his ilk, the Republicans lose their claim to be the party of “morals” that in recent years they professed to be.

  2. As you can imagine this has been all over the LGBTIQ Boards. The funny thing is that gay people, who are suspicious of entrapment because we know too well what happens when police run wild, have had more sympathy for Craig and his predicament than most. At the same time, he does seem awfully conversant with the whole ritual of T room sex. Much more than your humble correspondant, who’s been totally out since around 1971, but considers himself bound to his partner not to bring disgrace on the family in this way.

    Still, can’t help the giggles everytime I see the Senator claiming not to be gay. Well maybe he’s right, He hasn’t even evolved to the point of being a ‘mo yet.


  3. Idaho is not a perdominantly mormon state. East Idaho is, but not the rest of the state. That is the reason it looks the way it does. When the state was formed the mormon population was deluted by mining districts in the north and west part of the state. As well as seperating mormon the poplation in western wyoming from eatsern Idaho.

    That being said Mormon and nonmormons alike in Idaho do not think gay activies are right. Bathroom sex is just a real pain to everyone who needs to use these bathrooms. And no one likes a lier. (Unless your name is clinton)

  4. There are so many levels of hypocracy on this it’s amazing. According to a recent Neiwart post on Orcinus – reporters have known for 20 some years that Craig was gay and pre-Monica-gate there was an unwritten rule that this was kept out of the press. All the time while Craig and his fellow travellers used gay-bashing to keep themselves elected. The repuglicans had no problem going after The Clenis – but are in horror that their public lives are fair game.

    So now we have the spectacle of the Republican party refusing to condemn Vitter for being a customer call girls – but are calling for Craig to resign – all the time while preaching the moral superiority over us….

  5. Mormon and nonmormons alike in Idaho do not think gay activies are right. Bathroom sex is just a real pain to everyone who needs to use these bathrooms.

    And you presume that the rest of us who have no problem with “gay activities” think that bathroom sex is OK?

    And no one likes a lier [sic]. (Unless your name is clinton)

    Oh, like there have never been any Republican presidential liars? Isn’t it just like Republicans in the midst of huge scandals both moral & political to try to remind us of Democratic scandals so old as to be gathering dust in the closet (no pun intended in the Craig case)??

  6. I read that post. There was only one thing that bothered me. He kept comparing Vitter and Craig w/o acknowledging there is a major diff. bet. the 2 scandals. Craig was charged and copped a plea. Vitter has neither been charged nor copped a plea. Vitter is doubtless as much a scumbag as Craig. But we do have to acknowledge a diff. in their situations just to be honest.

  7. Zhu Bajie said: “…a rock-ribbed Republican state. Predominantly Mormon, which makes a difference.”

    I’m from Idaho. Idaho is about 78% NON-Mormon. Mormons are quite a small minority in Idaho.

    But if it were predominantly Mormon, HOW would it make a difference?

    Wizard of ID

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