2 thoughts on “Armitage: Criticizes U.S. Policy in Lebanon War; Israeli Strategy ‘Inexplicable’ – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. And it’s NOT WORKING.

    Actually it is not a full scale invasion. It is a lov level skirmish. If Israel wanted to control the entire area they could take it over within a week. The distinction here is that they are not bringing the full weight of their might upon Gaza.

    And in reality the attempt to compare the two ideas is similar to comparing apples to oranges, both are fruit but beyond that…….

  2. If Israel wanted to control the entire area they could take it over within a week.

    I love folks like you who talk as if they understand counter-insurgency strategy. Israel can do virtually anything it wants militarily in the short term. Sure, they could take Gaza over completely. But even if they did they could not HOLD IT in the long term. The Palestinians would do what every insurgent movement does. It would grind the Israelis down until they lost the will to occupy. It happens to every occupying power & it would/will happen in this instance.

    But more importantly, Israel does not want to control Gaza because then under international law it would be responsible for administering this prize. Israel only wants to control Gaza, but not administer it. Unfortunately for Israel, in the long term it can neither control nor administer Gaza. Something there is in a people that wants to be free. And they will be despite the IDF’s best efforts to prevent it.

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